Susie’s Cuisine – A Taste of Pampanga’s Best Kakanin

Susie’s Cuisine in Pampanga is no doubt the best place if you are looking for sumptuous kakain and different Kapampangan dishes either for snack or as pasalubong to your friends and relatives who are in other places.

Susie's Cuisine The Best Pampango Kakanin

Started in 1972 by Ms. Anicia Ayson who has a great passion for cooking established Susie’s Cusine which became famous for it’s pancit luglug and native kakainin in Angeles City and other nearby places.


In 1991, Jesusa Ayson Yabut and her husband Glenn Yabut  take over the business and improve it. Today, Susie’s Cuisine have about more than 12 branches.


Some of their specialties are Pancit Luglug/Palabok, Maja Blanca o Tibok Tibok, Sapin Sapin, Rice Cake and Cassava Cake. Those are also my favorites! 🙂

Pancit Luglug or Pancit Palabok


Tibok Tibok or Maja Blanca



Susie's Cuisine Pampanga Kakanin Nepo Branch Angeles City Mochi

Kalame Nasi or Rice Cake

Who doesn’t love Rice Cake? I like stickiness of the rice and added to it is the palabok on the top. A perfect dessert indeed. 🙂

Assorted Kakanin

Leche Flan


Susie’s Cuisine is definitely a must visit in Pampanga for best kakanin and pasalubong. Your Pampanga food trip is not complete if you did not taste the food and bring home some of the Susie’s Cuisine’s specialties.

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