Quick Boracay Experience: The Island Escapade

Boracay Island in Malay Aklan received numerous praises and international awards as one of best beach destinations in the world today. It is my first time to be in the island so I have a big expectations hearing great things about the place.

Boracay Island Day View

Day 1

We depart  from Clark International Airport in Pampanga via Tiger Air at around 3:45 pm to Kalibo Airport with 1 hour flight, took more than 2 hours bus travel from the Airport to Caticlan Seaport and lastly about 15 minutes boat ride to the island and 15 minutes shuttle ride to the hotel. It’s really tiring to go to the island, taking all mode of transportation via air, land and water.

Will Garcia at Kalibo Airport

I think it’s around 8 pm when we arrived at La Carmela De Boracay, a decent hotel room was given to us with no Wifi and very weak signal for Globe Telecom. Nice One! You need to go to the Lobby just to have access to Wifi.Grrrr!

La Carmela De Boracay Resort Hotel 1

La Carmela De Boracay Standard Room  2La Carmela De Boracay Standard Room  1

La Carmela De Boracay Bathroom 1

We quickly settled our things and go out for the dinner.  We took a long walk from Station 1-3 to find a restaurant that can offer good food but cheap but we end up with Andok’s Litsong Manok. The roasted chicken and chopseuy is a big disappointment! If I’m not hungry I will never eat such food! Shame on them! Expensive and worst roasted chicken I ever tasted!

After that terrible dinner with took a walk again and look for dessert, as usual everything is expensive, so we decided to have Mcdo dessert coke float and sundae cost Php35 each, higher by Php10, they are not following the SRP of Php25! This island is really for the rich! Limited budget traveler like me will not survive in the island! We took a walk to enjoy what the island has to ever at night.

Boracay Island, Malay Aklan at Night View

Boracay Island at Night with Tourists

Day 2

We woke up early to enjoy the view of the sea in the morning.  And look for an activity to do in the Island for the day. We booked for Parasailing in the morning and Zorb in the afternoon at Php1,300 per person.

Boracay Beach Front Day View 3

Boracay Beach Front Day View 4 Will Garcia

Will Garcia at Boracay Island Sand Castle 2

After we took our breakfast and a little bit of rest we head up to do the first activity which is Parasailing. It is my first time to experience this kind of activity, I was excited and a little bit nervous at the same time.

Will Garcia with Friends at Boracay Island 2 Parasailing in Boracay 1

Parasailing in Boracay with Will Garcial and CarellIt’s a once in a lifetime experience for me! I enjoyed the activity, seeing the island in a bird’s eye view! Stunning! I love to do it again next time!

Parasailing at Boracay Island

After parasailing, we just relax and enjoy the beauty of the island, walking around and looking for some items to bring as pasalubong in D Mall. And took our lunch in the area.

D Mall Shopping with Friends at Boracay Island 2

Will Garcia with Kai and Carell at Boracay Island 1

It’s really HOT! I mean it! I should wear sando but I can’t bear the heat! So I end up half naked. 🙂

Will Garcia at Boracay Island 4

Will Garcia at Boracay Island 1

In the afternoon, we took the shuttle ride going to Fairways and Bluewater Newcoast to do the 2nd and last activity which is the Zorb. I have no idea how it is until I saw the giant ball! LOL! That’s it! hehehe

Will Garcia Boracay Island Zorb Activity Fairways and Bluewater

Will Garcia and Carell at Boracay Island Zorb Activity Will Garcia with Carell and Kai at Boracay Island Zorb Activity

It was a fun experience! We enjoyed also the view of the beach front of Fairways and Bluewater Newcoast which is really stunning! We took a few shot! Mmmm actually many! LOL!

Will Garcia at Boracay Island New Coast Beach 2 Will Garcia at Boracay Island New Coast

Will Garcia at Boracay Island New Coast Beach

After that fun activity, we headed back to the hotel to have a wonderful shots of the sunset!  What a view! Very romantic! Lovely!

Boracay Island Sunset Panoramic View 1

Boracay Island Sunset View 2

Will Garcia at Boracay Island Sunset

After that, we took a rest and grab our dinner at the hotel in the beach front. It’s a wonderful day in the island. 🙂

Day 3

For this day, we only grab our breakfast and stayed in the hotel room for we are checking out at 9:30 am to catch up our flight going back to Pampanga at 3:45 in the afternoon.


Boracay is a wonderful island, so many things to do, places to go and to dine but I must say that this place is really for those people who has money to spend. Almost everything in the island is EXPENSIVE. I had a good experience but somewhat disappointed for I expected too much. I’m still happy for I visited the island and had a wonderful photos! 😀



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  • Tonkin-Travel Vietnam , Direct link to comment

    Oh, your post makes me remind of my trip to Boracay three years ago. Although we just have 4 days there, we have lots of fun and unforgettable memories. It’s a pity that now the tropical paradise is closed for preservation; so I don’t know when I can come back there. Anyways, thanks for your sharing!

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