Bataan White Corals Beach Resort and Hotel in Morong

I never been to Bataan before, so I did not expect too much given the bad reviews I read online about this place. We arrived at Bataan White Corals around 10 am; the sun is going to its peak.  Upon arrival, I was amazed, the resort is clean and quiet which is perfect for those who want to relax and just unwind.

Beach Front

The beach is just ok; the sand is gray which usually found in a beach resort. The cottages and villas are well maintained I must say. The 2 pools, a salt water pool and fresh water pool are maintained but not as clean as I expected.

Salt Water Pool
Fresh Water Pool

A great staycation will be perfect if complimented with appetizing food, bad thing that food is not good, they serve salty steamed vegetable and super tough roast beef, tasty but I can’t chew. LOL!

The place is great for outing, team building and other activities for they have a lawn area! I recommend this place! They just need to improve the food to make the overall experience a pleasant one. Anyways, you can still buy your own food and drinks so not to spoil your experience!

Lawn Area
Will Garcia at the beach front


Enjoying the Fresh Water Pool


Overall, I enjoyed our stay at Bataan White Corals in Morong! This is Will Garcia and I explored Morong Bataan! 🙂






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