Terraz Meetings and Bistro: Festival of Flavors in the City

Terraz Meetings and Bistro is located in Zuellig Building, one of the amazing skyscraper in Makati City which is characterized by all-glass facade and also known as the Green building for it has the ability to conserve energy. Terraz  mainly caters corporate clients for they offer function rooms from small intimate meeting to huge group. Everyone is welcome to enjoy their sumptuous dishes so don’t get intimidated with the ambiance, it might looks expensive, but it’s not, it reasonable and worthy of your money.

The Interior

The restaurant has a modern concept with a touch of earth color. I love the comfy furniture making the dining experience more satisfying.  I must say that the place is perfect for any kind of occasion either for business, family or you just wanna enjoy Terraz has to offer.







The Food

You can enjoy different international dishes but what amaze me about Terraz is the it has Filipino dishes which are upgraded or improved I must say, for the Chef add a twist to the traditional dishes making it more appetizing and worthy of praises.


 Terraz Chef”s Salad

A signature salad composed of romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cheese, red wine egg, crispy bacon with ranch dressing.  This is a complete meal actually for it has carbs, protein and veges, it’s kinda heavy though but I like this one.



Terraz Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna Salad

An oriental salad made of pan-seared Ahi tuna coated with black sesame seeds, ripe mangoes, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber with distinct sesame vinaigrette. I love this salad, it’s not boring and ordinary, the flavors and textures blends so when with the right contrast.




Terraz Simple Saffron Spaghetti

A pasta dish composed of spaghetti, spinach, asparagus and saffron sauce with facaccia bread on the side. This is dish is perfect for those who wants the traditional taste of pasta. I love the bread! 🙂



Florentine Style Beef Lasagna

Not the usual Lasagna that you think for it has the kick of nutmeg and with poached eggs. The dish is ok for me, recommended for those who have adventurous taste buds.



Seared Salmon with Mishimi Mix

A very light dish made of Salmon topped with shredded nori and spring onion drizzled with ponzu, a citrus dressing which complements the fish.



Grilled Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallion and FoieGras

It’s pork medallions wrapped with bacon, with foie gras and mashed potato. Served with vegetables, onion rings, mushroom ragout and Merlot sauce. This dish is my least favorite, I think the pork is kinda tough, the mashed potato is a bit salty. I love the presentation though! 🙂



Spicy Terraz Corned Beef Adobo

The beef is so tender and flavorful, as the chef mentioned the meat is marinated overnight that’s why flavors lingers in every strands of the meat. The meat is complimented with garlic pumpkin, sweet potatoes and fried kesong puti. This dish is one of the favorites, I like the sauce but I think it lacks spiciness to balance the sweetness.



Visayas Style Pork Knuckles or Humba

A traditional dish with dark sweet sauce. This is recommended for those who are not adventurous with food.




A dessert made of  fresh mangoes, kiwi, strawberries and whipped cream and meringue as the base. I love the contrast of flavors and textures.



Z-Bake Chocolate Cake

Z-Bake means zero bake, that is why the chocolate cake is steamed therefore it’s very smooth, added to the texture is the crunchy fried batter strips, vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup. A good combination of texture and contrast of flavors and temperature. I love this dessert!



Crepe Zamurai

Warm ripe mangoes and banana in sweet creamy sauce wrapped in crepe with cinnamon sugar and caramel sauce on top. I find this dessert very sweet. I’m longing for some contrast on the flavors to make it balance.



Terraz Meetings and Bistro is a great place to conduct business meetings, family gatherings or simply just wanna enjoy the sumptuous dishes that is restaurant is offering. The place might be intimidating for its classy ambiance but that prices of the dishes are reasonable enough for what you will receive, they have friendly staff also that add to the total dining experience. I will definitely go back to try their other delectable items.


Terraz Meetings and Bistro
Facebook: Terraz
Website: Terraz
3/F Zuellig Building, Makati Ave. cor Paseo de Roxas, Makati City
 +632-625-4831 or +632-625-4832

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