Kabila Filipino Bistro: Gourmet Filipino Cuisine in Makati City

Kabila Filipino Bistro is a restaurant offering Filipino dishes, giving the flavorful cuisine with a twist.  The word Kabila means on the other side which cleverly on the other side of Museum Cafe. The restaurant has a very modern concept maximizing the use of light and space giving it a museum-like atmosphere. It is strategically located beside Ayala Museum.

The Interior

The minimalist concept gives every guest a light feeling and good vibes, a place in the city where you can enjoy dining while catching up with friends or a family gathering. The place is suitable also for lunch meeting or other business affairs for it’s accessibility and classy atmosphere given its accessibility.




Interesting Pickle Jars

They have these interesting jars filled with pickled vegetables which I think good as appetizers. 🙂 You can have some if you request.



The Food

The restaurant serves mouthwatering Filipino dishes with the twist which bring out the flavors of the traditional food into life. The chef  really study the mix of flavors that is very palatable yet not so adventurous or intimidating to any guest.

PreMeal Snack

While waiting for the food to be served, we munched flavored peanuts, sing-a-ling and fish crackers. These classic finger food can be bought in the street, giving you a nice start for a meal, very Pinoy! 🙂



Shrimp Ukoy

A very tasty and crunchy appetizer made of small shrimps fried perfectly. The sourness of the vinegar compliment this tasty treat. The ukoy is same as the size of the plate which is intended for sharing.



Ensaladang Kabila

A salad composed of  fresh mangoes, pomelo, turnips, guava, minced tomatoes, native onions and pili nuts topped with salted egg and fermented shrimps. I like the contrast of flavors and textures playing in your mouth while enjoying this salad.


Fresh Lumpia

Sauted vegetables with shrimps and chicken strips wrapped in a bright yellow wrapper. This dish is very attractive to the eyes and appetizing to taste.


Pancit Kabila

A very tasty pancit that is a little bit salty, it comes with vinegar and calamansi to neutralize the flavor. I love the bagnet! This dish reminds me of Ilocos, where Bagnet originated.



Seafood Kare Kare

Fresh seafood and vegetables combined with creamy peanut sauce. The fermented shrimps has a rich flavor that is matched perfectly to the dish.



Mais Con Yelo

A classic refreshing drink and dessert. I just like the simplicity of it, the texture of the corn, slightly  sweet and creamy milk blend so well.




Leche Flan Turon with Chocnut Sauce

The famous Filipino snack and dessert is filled with leche flan instead of banana and paired with chocnut sauce. Great presentation! I never thought that these simple dish will look like a gourmet.



Chocolate  Filled Mochi Balls

The simple mochi balls are in their great look and improved taste. I love the texture and playful taste of this dessert! Chocolate and vanilla ice cream blend perfectly.



Impossible Cake

One of my favorite, the two classic desserts join forces to end the meal, it’s really impossible to forget this very rich and sweet dessert. 🙂



Dining at Kabila Filipino Bistro makes you appreciate more being a Filipino and our sumptuous dishes which are truly world class. I admire the chef for giving the simple Filipino cuisine to be at par with the international cuisines dominating the world. Restaurants like this really uplift our pride for the country for having these dishes ready to tease the discriminating taste buds of any guest.


Kabila  Filipino Bistro

Website:  Kabila Filipino Bistro

Facebook: Kabila Filipino Bistro

Twitter: @raintreekabila

Address: Ayala Museum Complex Makati Avenue corner Dela Rosa St. Makati City, Philippines 1200
Phone Numbers: +632-757-3000 or +632-757-6000 or +632-391-4197
Operating Hours: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
Email: Functions and Events – mimi@raintree.com.ph; Marketing –  elline@raintree.com.ph






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