Breakfast at Museum Cafe Makati City

Museum Cafe is one of the establishments under Raintree Restaurants offering different sumptuous dishes to everyone. This restaurant is beside Ayala Museum in Greenbelt which is very accessible if you are within Makati City.  It’s is also a perfect place for lunch meeting and other corporate events.



The Food

The restaurant serves  different delectable dishes but for our tour they prepare breakfast.


Pancakes and Waffles

with fresh fruits and whipped cream, you can also add butter, maple syrup and peanut butter. I love my pancake with just maple syrup as I enjoy the sweetness of the syrup with the sourness and texture of the fruits. Same with waffles, I like it simple yet yummy. These two are perfect treat to start the day!




M Benedict Smoked Salmon and Jamon Excellente

An open faced sandwich topped with either Salmon or Ham, arugula, lettuce, poached egg and hollandaise sauce with cherry tomatoes and oranges on the side. I love the simplicity of the sandwich for the flavors are not overpowering each other.




The Omelette Station

Freshly prepared omelette by the Chef with  ingredients such as red bell pepper,  basil, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and ham. I love this station for egg is filling and healthy that should be part of the breakfast, adding some tasty ingredients makes it a winner.




Asian food for breakfast? Why not! Museum Cafe also serve flavorful Asian dishes.



Hainan Chicken Noodles

This dish can still be improved, the texture of the noodles, the chicken and the stock is too gingery.



Crytal Prawn Dumplings

The prawn is tasty and fresh! The way I want it.



Anise Scented Beef Congee

It might not look great in photographs but it taste great. A comfort food for me, the congee’s texture is perfect complimented with the rich flavor of the beef.



Soymilk Lychee Shake

The drink is refreshing! Something different, perfect for those who are health conscious like me.



It’s a good dining experience! I  love the breakfast dishes that they served to us. They have a nice, simple and accommodating ambiance makes you wanna stay longer. I will definitely go back here to try there other dishes.


Website:  Museum Cafe

Facebook: Museum Cafe

Twitter: @raintreemcafe

Address: Ayala Museum Complex Makati Avenue corner Dela Rosa St. Makati City, Philippines 1200
Phone Numbers: +632-757-3000 or +632-757-6000 or +632-391-4197
Operating Hours: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
Email: Functions and Events –; Marketing –


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