Instaworthy Starbucks Branches in Pampanga

Starbucks  Coffee is the leading coffee company worldwide that’s why Filipinos also love this brand especially Kapampangan. This is evident by the increasing number of branches in Pampanga, as of July 2017 there are 11 branches all throughout the province but there will be more branches opening soon, that’s for sure!
If you happen to be in the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, you can check out the following Starbucks branches which are instaworthy. Most of my friends recommend that I should visit the Lakeshore Pampanga branch, it’s the #1 Instaworthy branch, so if you love great coffee with nice ambiance that is the place to go especially if coming from Manila. I will definitely visit that branch soon and take wonderful photos.
Aside from the photo perfect interior, you can also grab this Starbucks Philippines You Are Here Water Bottle: Pampanga.  It’s cool! 🙂
Starbucks Branches in Pampanga
  •  SM Pampanga Main & Annex, San Fernando City
  • Lakeshore, NLEX San Fernando, Pampanga.
  • Emerald Pampanga, Vista Mall Pampanga
  • SM Clark Events Center & SM Clark The Meeting Place
  • Marquee Mall Ayala Angeles City &  Excelsior Angeles City
  • Berthaphil Clark Freeport Zone
  • NEPO Center  Angeles City

I got the chance to visit the NEPO Center branch in Angeles City. The place is perfectly situated in the heart of the city which is very accessible to different restaurants and establishments.

The ambiance is cozy given its limited space and the customer service is good something that I love about Starbucks, they make you feel comfortable while enjoying their well crafted coffee and freshly baked goodies.

The Making of a Well Loved Coffee Brand
Starbucks Coffee Company is no doubt the well loved brand today but  they have a fair share of humble beginnings just like any business.  The company  started as single store in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market with a narrow storefront. The name was inspired Moby Dick, a seafaring tradition of the early coffee traders evident in its logo of a mermaid.

In 1982, Howard Schultz, Starbucks chairman, president and chief executive officer joined the company wherein the year 1983, he travelled to Italy and loved the italian coffee shop and the experience  which give him an idea to bring that to Starbucks in the United States, making the coffee shop a third place to go between work and home.

He left Starbucks and started his own Il Giornale coffeehouses but fate has a way of doing things, he  returned in August 1987 and bought Starbucks with the help of some investors and the rest is history.

Today, Starbucks has now more than 17,000 branches worldwide and continue to expand year after year.

First Starbucks Branch in the Philippines

In December 4, 1997, the first Starbucks in the Philippines opened at the 6750 Ayala Building in Makati City which is a milestone for the Philippines became the third market to open outside North America.

Why Starbucks Coffee? 

There are many coffee company today but Starbucks lead the game? I think more than serving quality coffee, they provide what we call the “Experience”. As you walk into a Starbucks store, you feel comfortable and it feels like the barista is your friend making the connection without the awkward feelings of you are the customer and I’m the server kind of feel. Starbucks breaks the stereotype customer-server relationship which is kinda awkward, stiff and unfriendly. Aside from that, Starbucks created a strong marketing presence and branding making the “Connection” to a wide market. And lastly, they do their fair share of  Corporate Social Responsibility by helping  communities and preserving the environment.

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