Relaxing Staycation: Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa Resort Nasugbu Batangas

As a blogger and entrepreneur I always look forward for a staycation for it recharges me and gives me time to relax and unwind. Since I’m been busy for the past weeks, I think I need a sweet escape. Luckily, I was invited at Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa in Nasugbu Batangas which is just few hours away from the bustling city of Metro Manila.

Batangas boasts a colorful and rich history that dates back to the 16th century. The monuments and remnants of the past abound, equal in beauty of the beaches and dive sites. It’s proximity to Manila is inviting for both local and foreign tourist to enjoy Batangas’ rich history, culture and natural wonders.

Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa is not new but they able to maintain the beauty of the place. The resort is perfect for couples and family to have a relaxing staycation. Kids will surely love the pool! 🙂 Kids at heart like me enjoyed it as well by taking a refreshing dip. What I love about the place is that its clean given its huge, I noticed that as I arrived the resort.

Being a former hotelier, I really check every corner and put focus on attention to details. 🙂 Overall, Canyon Cove has a good impression for me during my arrival. 🙂 Let’s check that if I will have the same impression after my 3 days stay in this resort. 🙂 Watch out for my final verdict!

The lobby is elegantly and clean. The high ceiling and fine furnitures adds the the overall ambiance of the place. Check in will only take few minutes given the high volume of guests. Good thing, they have free wifi access while waiting.

The staff are friendly also willing to help you to have a comfortable stay. A warm smile is welcoming every guest upon their arrival. I usually experience hesitation on approaching the front desk in some other resorts or hotels for their officers are stiff and uncomfortable to talked to, but for this resort I feel comfortable talking to them as to approach them whenever I need something.

We stayed in a Suite Room with the perfect view of the pool and the sea. It’s an amazing view to wake up in the morning, it’s truly relaxing indeed. The room itself is spacious and cozy loaded with the basic amenities in a resort hotel. I love the simple yet classy interior. This room is  actually spacious enough for family of four or even more.

The bed is so comfortable, I wanted to sleep all day lol but I need to go out and enjoy the sun at the beach and inviting pool. A perfect staycation is not complete if you don’t have enough sleep and a relaxing one. The bed is so soft and the room has the right temperature and lighting. Very homey feel indeed.

The beach is ok, you can enjoy a nice swim into the ocean. It’s not as clear as other beaches I’ve seen but its decent enough for a nice dip. Free cottages are also available for all the guests and water activities are there for additional charge.

The sand is semi white and light brown in color, still inviting right? 🙂

Ofcourse, I will not miss the chance to have a refreshing dip into the ocean. The waves are not that huge for its perfect for swimming complimented with not so hot weather but the sun is out. It’s a perfect weather for a swim without getting too much sun burn but getting a nice tan and perfect photos. Instagram worthy!

After a nice dip into the ocean. I head up to the pool, ofcourse I took shower first. Lol. I love their swimming pool, it’s clean and huge, even there are a lot of people enjoying a dip, it’s not that crowded, you can still enjoy your own space into the cold refreshing water.

Cottages are also available near the pool for your stuff.

Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa has an in house restaurant, but if you choose to go outside, you can eat at El Cocinero by Chef Arnaldo, they are serving the best Paella in town. I highly recommended this restaurant.

Batangas is also known for its Bulalo and Lomi. You should not miss these famous dishes this city is known for. :)I had a relaxing staycation, I wish I can stay longer but I need to go back to work. eheh The hotel room is clean and huge.

The resort is clean and well maintained, you will definitely enjoy your stay. Everything is perfect, for improvement I think they need to level up the game for their restaurant, the food is ok but need some improvement as well as the service. Don’t get me wrong, their staff are friendly but need to improve their skills in serving the guest better. 🙂 Overall, I had an amazing stay at Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa. 🙂 I will definitely go back if I need to have a relaxing staycation.


How To Get There:

Via Private Vehicle


Exit to Covelandia RD EXIT then go straight ahead going to Antero Soriano Highway and continue going to Governor Drive go straight ahead until you reach on the Municipality of Ternate then turn left. Go straight ahead until you reach Ternate Nasugbu Highway. Turn Left and contniue to access the Ternate Nasugbu Highway. Go straight until you reach Canyon Cove to your right.


Exit to ETON CITY EXIT (right after Sta. Rosa exit) then go straight ahead going to PASEO MALL (about 5km ride) then turn left going to Tagaytay Road (main road) go straight ahead until you reach an intersection (about 20-25km ride) then turn right (you will pass by Tagaytay Market). Go straight ahead until you reach a rotonda. Go around it then straight ahead and you will pass by Casino Filipino and Robinson’s Supermarket until you reach Nasugbu boundary. Go straight again then turn right at Petron Gas Station. Go straight until you reach another intersection then turn right at Shell Gas Station. Go straight again and you will pass by the Nasugbu town proper. From there, go straight until you reach Canyon Cove to your left.

Via Public Transportation

Take bus going to Nasugbu Batangas (Bus Terminal stations: Paranaque-Coastal Mall Bus Terminal, or in Cubao). Alight at Nasugbu town proper, landmark: town plaza and church. Ride a tricycle going to Canyon Cove.

Far East Road, Piloto Wawa
Nasugbu, Batangas. Philippines
Phone Number

Makati Central Reservations Office
840 2290 / 840 2327 / 840 2204 / 840 2446
840 2365 / 817 8076 / 840 2363 / 840 2406
Fax no.: 817 5473

For Corporate Bookings You May Contact Us:


Direct Line: (02) 892-9827 loc. 257

Facebook: Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa

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