Simple Lang at Ayala Triangle: Not Your Simple Filipino Restaurant

Simple Lang in Ayala Triangle Garden is a Filipino Restaurant offering timeless dishes that everyone love. At first I thought is just another restaurant which offer ordinary items that every Filipino love, so I don’t expect much of it but as I tasted the food, boom! It’s not simple lang. 🙂

The Ambiance

The ambiance is very chic with the nice touch of red make it so homey and comfortable. We are seated at the second level so we have an amazing view how people are enjoying their meals. It’s a perfect place to chill with friends or with someone who missed Filipino food. I strongly recommend this place.


 The Food

Tinapa Tops Salad

Let’s start with the appetizer, it’s a refreshing and healthy dish composed of sweet potato tops, water spinach, alugbati, tomotoes, red onions, salted egg and unique dressing. It’s a nice dish with the perfect blend of texture and flavors, you will surely gonna love it.



Fresh Lumpia Rolls

It’s an ok dish for me, I think the vegetables are overcooked, I’m longing for the freshness of this dish as it blend with the sweetness of the sauce.


Longaniza Tortang Talong Pancake

The dish is made of fried eggplant, salted egg, tomatoes and onion in pancake shape. I love how this dish is presented as I recall the picture of a tortang talong as not appetizing. I command the Chef for giving this classic Filipino dish a new taste and look. Love it one! 🙂


Crispy Pork Chop Dinakdakan

An original dish from the Ilocos region, I just love the blend of flavors and texture of the pork. The Chef put the lean meat of pork which is perfect for the sweet and spicy sauce coming from the chilis, onions and seasonings.



Grilled Stuffed Bangus

A very tasty and fresh dish. The tomato, chives and onion salsa on top complimented the freshness of the milk fish.


Mixed Barbeque Plate

This plate is composed of 3 chicken inasal, leg quarter, 2 pork barbecue and 2 squid. It has a sweet sauce accompanying it. This dish is just ok for me.


Inasal Rice

A flavorful rice with is perfect for grilled items. The taste is mild so doesn’t overpower the main dish paired with it.


Sinigang na Crispy Bagnet sa Watermelon

The comfort food for almost Filipino combined with the best product of Ilocos which is the bagnet. I love the sourness of the soup complimented with the slightly crispy skin of the bagnet. I love the twist of this dish.


Mongo Bagnet Tinapa

The classic mongo with the twist. The dish is ok, I still love the simple version of it with pork as I want taste more the texture of the soup.


Seafood Bicol Express

A creamy and slightly spicy soup made with coconut milk with shrimps, squids, clams and fish fillet. A Bicolano dish with is good for its not too spicy, you can taste the flavors of each seafood ingredients in it.




For dessert, we had Halo HaloBuko Pandan Pinipig Crush and Mango Madness Crush.  I love desserts but the best for me is the Buko Pandan, I love the simple play of sweetness, creamy-crunchy texture and coldness of this dessert.



There are different Filipino restaurants I tried but I must say that Simple Lang of Raintree Restaurants is one of the best so far. The Chef did improved the taste and presentation of every dish without removing the the core taste that every Filipino love. I strongly recommend this restaurant to my friends to truly appreciates the great Filipino food that we have which is truly world class.


Simple Lang
Facebook: Simple Lang
Website: Simple Lang
Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City
For inquiries, contact (02) 621-6161 or (02) 621-61-62




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