A Christmas Carol and Sweet Treats

Christmas is just around the corner so many people are preparing for this great festivity which is well celebrated by the Filipinos and the Philippines is known to have the longest Christmas  celebration in the world. During these season we hear different Christmas songs sang by choirs in exchange of gift or money  but for Alaska Crema by Alaska Milk Corporation(AMC) giving a gift and a Christmas carol can be a perfect match.

ALASKACREMACHRISTMAS1With partnership with Mandaluyong Chamber Singers,  a group of young talented individuals who are internationally acclaimed, the project is made possible they just serenaded local radio stations and publications  in Pampanga today December 16, 2014 and heading to Baguio for their next stop. Is it in great to be serenaded and receive a  delicious treat at the same time? Sure it is!

They first visited RW 95.1 FM in San Fernando City,  DJ Tyra love the blending of voices, she even mentioned that they are just 5 but as if group of singers are singing in harmony, take note its acapella, no musical instruments are use. The people in the booth are amaze by their performance. After that, a yummy creamy treat is given to them.





Next stop is Sun Star Pampanga, they are again serenaded with 3 christmas songs, the whole office was moved and stop on what they are doing to listen to their performance. The crowd was astonish to the angel like voices of the Mandaluyong Chamber Singers.





Last stop is in GV FM 99.1 in Angeles City with DJ KG, even though it’s the last performance for the day, they delivered it greatly. The DJ even said that as if it’s the one in the commercial. He was amazed by these singers.  That great performance is complemented with delicious creamy treat from Alaska Crema.



Christmas Season is about giving and being thankful for the blessings that we receive from God. Like them, make it season meaningful by giving something to someone which is from the heart without expecting anything in return. Have A Merry Christmas Everyone!!! 😀



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