Pampanga Restaurant: K Cafe Angeles City

K Cafe in Angeles City serves delectable dishes which are personal favorites and creation of the owner Chef Caren Kwong. Strategically located in Nepo Quad Angeles City which is very accessible to those who what to enjoy quality food at reasonable price.


The Ambiance

The restaurant is a great place to relax with family and friends when you are in the area.

The Food

This restaurant serves international dishes which are freshly prepared by the Chef evident in the quality and taste of the food. There is really no shortcut to delicious food.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

What I love about this dish is that its meaty and tasty with sauted pork and shrimp inside. The wrapper is perfectly fried. The dish is complimented with Nuoc Mam sauce combination of fish sauce  with lime juice, garlic and chilies. They add lettuce, basil and cilantro to balance out and vermicelli to complete the dish.


Roasted Bone Marrow

A very interesting appetizer. A tasty bone marrow with baked bread and refreshing salsa on the side. A perfect to excite your appetite before you dig in to the main courses.


Asian Gambas

This appetizer is really good, the prawns are properly cooked in olive oil with hot sauce and chilies which that are not overpowering to the taste of the fresh prawns. The sauce blend so well in the vermicelli.


California Maki Salad

A refreshing salad with a kick made by the Wasabi-Mayo dressing.  I like the contrast of flavors and texture.


Salmon Sisig

A healthy version of the famous Kapampangan dish. A relatively tasty dish that is perfect with rice.


Bulalo Steak

Who thought the favorite Filipino comfort food can be transformed into a steak? An interesting dish you can try, tender beef with pepper gravy sauce complimented with vegetables and baked baby potatoes.


Iberian Chicken

This dish is you want healthy meal, just remove the chicken skin.  A flavorful chicken baked with olive oil, herbs and spices.


Jambalaya Pasta

One of my favorite! Love everything about this dish, the slightly spicy creamy sauce with shrimps, oysters and Hungarian sausage complimented by perfectly toasted bread on the side.


Pastillas Cheesecake, Dulce De Leche and Turtle Mousse

What I love about K Cafe’s desserts is that they are not so sweet, you can taste the flavors of the ingredients not just sweet. With the three desserts. I like the Turtle Smores for the playful texture and taste.




Sizzling Apple Cheesecake

A pretty interesting dessert! It’s cold, warm, sweet, creamy and sour. Imagine the playful taste of this dessert in your mouth. It’s a must try! I must say.



If you want quality food K Cafe is really a place to go. The food is really good, fresh and delectable that can please even the person with discriminating taste buds.

K Cafe

K Cafe Quad Nepo

Operating Hours: 11:30 am to 11:30 pm

(045) 322 9191

K Cafe Balibago

Operating Hours: 6:00pm to 2:00am

Address: S.R. Lim St. Diamond Subd. Balibago, Angeles City

Facebook: K Cafe

Instagram: kcafe_official


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