Ilocos Norte Resort: Playa Tropical Hotel

Playa Tropical Resort Hotel is a Balinese inspired paradise in Currimao, Ilocos Norte. You will truly enjoy the beauty of nature while staying in the resort. A very relaxing place to stay when you are in Ilocos Norte.

We checked in the resort around 3 PM and I was really mesmerized with the amazing view of the resort, I immediately take a look at every part of the resort and what I can just say is Wow! 🙂 A perfect place to relax after a long travel. I love every part of the resort, it’s for me, for a person who loves nature and peaceful place.

Balinese inspired reception and waiting area.

As you enter the resort you will get the Balinese feel of the place from the furniture to every details that are put all together to create a perfect ambiance.



The Casas

The Casas look so stunning matches with the blue skies which is very pleasing to the eyes. As if you are not in the Philippines, that is the feeling upon seeing this part of the resort. It’s picture perfect! 🙂


Inside the Casa

It has 1 Queen sized bed, private pool, living room, television, mini refrigerator, garden and basic toiletries in the bathroom. It comes with set breakfast for 2, 1 free massage per night,  complimentary bottled water and complimentary coffee. The casas are perfect for couples and even groups who wants a Balinese feel.

The Bedroom 

This is perfect for couples who wants to spend quality time together. The ambiance is perfect to just relax and forget for a while about the busy world outside.


Pull out beds at the second level of the casa is intended for the kids or extra persons which is spacious for 2-4 persons.


Balinese intricate designs are all handcrafted making it them unique. Imagine the effort of doing every piece of art that they put all together to make every casa different from each other.


Private Pool

The resort have infinity pool but every casa has pool where you can enjoy. A more peaceful where you can plugged and sip a glass of red wine. Perfect!


The Deluxe Double Hotel Room

This hotel room is loaded with basic amenities for a comfortable stay. The room is Balinese inspired also with very soft bed, flat screen television, telephone, desk and basic toiletries in the bathroom.


The Infinity Pool 

The infinity pool is one of the great thing also about the resort, it gives every guest a very relaxing feeling and upon seeing it I just want to plug which is ideal for the hot weather.



The resorts has nice cottages wherein you can enjoy their sumptuous of dishes provided by their restaurant Cafe Amarra while enjoying a relaxing feeling brought by the scenic view from sunrise to sunset. The fish pond under each cottages adds to the overall relaxing feel of the resort.



We had a wonderful stay at Playa Tropical Resort Hotel, its a perfect place for those who want a relaxing place like me, leaving your busy life behind and just enjoy the beauty of nature. It is truly a paradise in Ilocos Norte. I will surely back for more and stay longer. 🙂

Playa Tropical Resort Hotel

Brgy. Victoria, Currimao Ilocos Norte, Philippines

(077) 670 1211 / 0917 5700223 –






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