Marquee Mall Food Choices in Angeles City Pampanga

Marquee Mall Angeles City Food Choices is a  new food court concept, it’s refreshing for they use earth color tones in the interior and some artificial greenery which is soothing to the eyes. Home grown restaurants and international restaurant are available to satisfy your cravings for Chinese, Korean, Portugese, Filipino, Japanese and Turkish.


Some of the stalls are already serving which includes Tokyo Tempura TJ HotdogsSteak Street and Fusion Sushi Restaurant, Raw Ritual, Fortune Teahouse Restaurant Express, Kimbob, Turks, Jamaican Patties Shops, Chatime, Pepper Lunch, Mr. Kimbob, Turks, Jo Frango Peri Peri, Reyes BBQ. 

Tokyo Tempura

Raw Ritual


Popular local food concepts are in the food kiosks like Potato Corner, Blak Pearl, Osaka Takosaki House, Fruitas, Tokyo Tempura, Henlin and Lugaw Republic.

Aside from Food Choices, Marquee Mall is definitely a dining hub in Angeles City for restaurants like Toll House, Giligan’s Restaurant, Italianni’s Restaurant, Apag Marangle, Gerry’s Grill, Blackbeard’s Seafood Island, Xtremely Xpresso Cafe and others. 

Have a glimpse of the interior of the new food court by Marquee Mall Ayala Angeles City. Food Choices in located at the 2nd level extension wing.


I love the industrial concept mixed with a touch of nature through the woods and plants decoration.


Food courts now are not boring as before, now a days different concept food courts are really great place to dine with a restaurant type of ambiance.


Watch out for the updates on this blog! 🙂


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