Mekeni BreakFestival: Family Bonding Over Breakfast

I believe that the breakfast is the important meal of the day and the best way to start the day is to share it with our family. But due to the busy lifestyle of the Filipino family today we seldom see family dine together and have a bonding moment during breakfast.


So with partnership with Mekeni Food Corporation, we are promoting Breakfestival, it’s an advocacy to bring family member together by sharing through breakfast. With their easy to prepare food products, having breakfast will be hassle free, products includes Tocino, Longganisa, Ham and Bacon.



Breakfast is not just the important meal of the day but it’s a great way to have a healthier family relationship. As everyone share their stories, life lessons and experiences over a meal as dining is a social experience that every Filipino family should engage and enjoy.

Mekeni Food Corporation


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