Malan: A Kapampangan Clothing Brand

Pampanga is not just the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, its also blessed with talented artists in different form of arts. Last February,  I had the chance to collaborate with the new local shirt brand called Malan. This promising brand will showcase creativity through clothing.

Malan is a Kapampangan word for clothes or damit in Tagalog, a straightforward name for a clothing line. The designs are not limited for cabalen or kapampangan but also people outside Pampanga. Their designs aim to fuse both vintage and modern.

Take a look of the first design that will be available soon…

The photos are taken inside the Clark Freeport Zone with Mt. Arayat in the background. A significant landmark of Pampanga.

I strongly support local brands  to uplift our own talented artists and entrepreneurs. Malan set of products are now available. Do buy local products to show some love to our fellow countrymen!

Watch out for more updates in this blog! 🙂

Malan: Kapampangan Clothing Brand



Facebook: Malan Clothing Brand

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