Chef’s Gone Wild in Balibago Angeles City

Chef’s Gone Wild Restaurant in Balibago Angeles City Pampanga offers both local and international dishes with a twist. This food haven is accessible as its along the highway, perfect hang out place for family and friends while enjoying sumptuous yet affordable food . Here are some of the dishes you can enjoy!

Ultimate Burgers

Very sinful right? This burger is tasty. The patty is quit tough i think since we took photos before indulging our tummies. So I advice that you eat this burger right away to enjoy it tender and juicy.

Buffalo Wings

Their version of Buffalo Wings is sweet, perfect for those who like it that way but for me I like it with a little  of spiciness that will battle with other flavors. Nonetheless it’s good but it can be improved.

Smoked Ribs

One of the favorite! 🙂 The meat is tender complemented with sweet barbeque sauce. It comes with veggies and mashed potato so it’s a complete meal already. Just a note on the veggies? It’s a bit overcooked.

They also have pizza, not the usual one, but personally I love the taste of Mango Inasal Pizza for its sweet, a little sour perfectly matched the tasty cheese and tomato sauce. Some of my friends like the Gourmet Pinoy Pizza for it has salted egg, tuyo and pork, combining all the tasty Filipino ingredients in one mouthwatering pizza. 🙂

Mango Inasal Pizza

Pinoy Gourmet Pizza

Spam Fries

Joining the craze, they also have Spam Fries perfect for those who love this all time favorite food.

For dessert, they have Croquembouche perfect way to eat a meal. 🙂

For February 2017, they have Php359 Unlimited Promo which includes unlimited smoked ribs, rice or pasta, soup, buffalo wings, ice tea and comes with free dessert. This promo is applicable for events, group get together and any other events. The slots are limited to minimum of 2 person and maximum of 40 persons per day. For more information, you can check their facebook page at Chef’s Gone Wild. 

Chef’s Gone Wild

Address:3 Flr. Lucky Building, Balibago, Angeles City
Mobile Number: 09161578265 / 09176306167 /

Facebook: Chef’s Gone Wild


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