Historic Camalig Restaurant: Armando’s Kapampangan Pizza

Historic Camalig Restaurant is a 100-year-old ancestral grain depot restored in 1980 turned into a restaurant. Camalig is a Kapampangan word for shed. It has also landscaped patio for al fresco dining. It has air conditioned room to have more pleasant dining experience. Some local bands are playing during weekend as entertainment.



The restaurant is decorated with photographs of the city, its people and artifacts. I just love how they preserve these things, if you want to learn more about the history of Angeles City while enjoying great food, Camalig is the place to visit.




Camalig is famous for its Armando’s Pizza or also known as “Ang Pambansang Pizza” which are patently prepared and baked using the same classic homegrown recipe. Handmade artisan dough, fresh toppings and richly thick sauce slow-cooked for six hours, that’s what make their pizza different from the rest.

During our visit, we tried the famous Sisig of Pampanga, it a version which is perfect with hot rice. It tasted great, adding a little chili and chicken liver will make this dish more “manyaman”.

Sizzling Sisig


Next dish is the Deep Fried Chicken Wings, it looks so ordinary but actually its very tasty, as they say looks can be deceiving, ehe it’s a good dish also for it’s one of their best sellers.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings


After those dishes, let’s move to their famous Armando’s Pizza, it’s one of the bestsellers, topped with generous portion of cheese, peperoni, ground beef, green pepper, mushroom & Canadian bacon. It’s a pizza for all, love it!

This is one of their best-sellers. It has a heavy topping of peperoni, ground beef, green pepper, mushroom, Canadian bacon and lots of cheese. I love it as the crust is baked to a perfect crisp with a generous serving of toppings. This is definitely a must-try! – See more at: http://www.pinoyadventurista.com/2014/07/armandos-pizza-at-camalig-restaurant-angeles-pampanga.html#more
Armando’s Pizza

After that we had the Marco’s 3 Way, it has sun-dried tomatoes & kesong puti in three Filipiniana flavors: tuyu, tinapa & classic chicken adobo. We choose the chicken adobo. If you are adventurous with the taste, try this, something different from the usual pizza. Love the simplicity yet flavorful taste of this pizza, the 3 strong ingredients are battling in every bite.

Marco’s 3 Way Pizza

Kapampangan Pizza? We had Doy’s Kapampangan, a pizza topped with lungganisa (Kapampangan sausage), ebun buru (salted duck egg), onion & pickle relish.  Something new to the taste yet still delicious.

Doy’s Kapampangan Pizza


Those flavorful dishes and pizza are just perfect with a refreshing Kamias Shake. The fruits are freshly picked in the backyard, we even saw the tree. Love this shake for it’s not too sour, a little bit of sweetness balance the taste.

Kamias Shake


We had a great dining experience, it’s a mixture of great food, excellent service and astonishing ambiance.  This restaurant make you appreciate more of being a Kapampangan, the food and the culture . I’m just so proud to be one! Thank you Sir Mark Nepomuceno for accommodating us and supporting the event.

Here’s the price list of their famous pizza:

Historic Camalig Restaurant (Home of Armando’s Pizza: “Ang Pambansang Pizza”)
292 Sto. Rosario Street, Angeles City, Philippines
Tels: (045)322-5641/(045)888-1077 | Email: camalig@comclark.com
Website: http://www.camalig.com

This is part of Metro Angeles Food Tour 2014 held last July 5-7, 2014 which aims to promote best restaurants and hotel in Pampanga. Participated by 12 bloggers from all over the Philippines. Historic Camalig Restaurant is one of the partners in the said event.



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