Will Explore Tips: How To Find Essay Writing Job in the Philippines

As a blogger and entrepreneur I make sure I’m productive by using my time to make money through my business and maximizing the use of internet to make some money online. Freelance writing jobs are one of the simplest, yet most interesting ways to earn some money on the Internet. You can write essays on different topics, including business, medicine, science, and academic essays. This job is rather well paid, especially when you have gained some working experience and impressive hours of writing.

Essay writing jobs, as well as freelance writing, article writing and copywriting definitely are one of the most required and famous jobs all over the world, as we live in the century of mass media, information and opinions. So don’t you ever worry about the lack of knowledge or imperfect writing skills, because every freelance center wants an English speaking writer, and Philippines are no exception. How do you find an essay-writing job on the Philippines? Here are some most important steps:

  1. Decide on the field of your investigation. It is definitely easier to apply for a job when you know what your strongest sides are. Some sites specialize on academic essays; others require knowledge about the subject of relationships and dating. Different clients will be interested in scientific, business and scholar essays. Most of all, writing stock exchanges will require knowledge of different topics, such as current trends, basic professionalism in different fields.
  2. Find some freelance writing sites where you can apply for a job or search for frequently asked questions. There are hundreds of freelance companies on Philippines, but your aim is to find what works best for you in terms of payment, deadlines, specialization, client base and other very important moments. Usually, when you are just a beginner, the payment will not be as impressive as it would be when you have gotten some working experience. Some sites offer you to pay for the count of symbols, but other advanced sites will pay for the amount of articles or essays you write for them.
  3. Get your portfolio. Some serious companies have to see your previous works in order to evaluate your skills and decide whether you are good enough for their service. That is why they will ask you to show some of the essays (sometimes it is one of the requirements together with the CV letter). So try working on your writing skills as well as having a nice piece of information, just in case.
  4. Write a CV (an application letter). Freelance is not an only option for you, so some companies might want to receive the information about your experience, the level of your knowledge and your literacy.   The examples of application forms can be found on the Internet.
  5. Trace best essay writing services on the market. There is an impressive list of freelance services that might help you find a job of an essay writer. In addition, there are many reviews on the Internet. You can always check which client base is the biggest and which companies have the most payment. Essay writing services can be found in almost every town and city, and Philippines are no exception. Just make sure that the content you create will be exactly what a client needs and who will be your rewriter or corrector.

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