Will Help Rebuild Philippines: Rebuild Filipino’s Hope and Dreams

Habitat for Humanity Philippines re-launches its “Rebuild Philippines- Online Champions: Race to 200K” campaign through its crowd funding website <<http://www.give2habitat.org/member/willgarcia/willhelprebuildph>> wherein Will Explore Philippines participated. The main objective is to help  raise additional funds to sustain its ongoing rehabilitation efforts in building disaster resilient homes for numerous families and communities still affected by super typhoon “Haiyan” (locally known as “Yolanda”).

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During the initial phase of Habitat’s relief efforts, weeks after Haiyan, the project was able to address the immediate needs for community sustainability and shelter repair in the communities of Cebu, Samar, Leyte, Iloilo, and Palawan through the distribution of 4,730 Emergency Shelter Kits (ESK), 16,062 Shelter Repair Kits (SRK), 90 pump boats, 40 trisikad, 1,978 solar lamps, 450 Clean-Up Kits.

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To date, Habitat Philippines was able to engage more than 2,000 online fundraising volunteers who created and managed unique support pages which has raised more than Php 17Million through its Give2Habitat page in its official website.

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Through partnerships with both public and private sectors, Habitat for Humanity Philippines was able to deliver and is continuously building classrooms, community centres, and core houses in affected areas of super typhoon Haiyan. However, there are still many families and communities who need continuous support.


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Thank you for the Support! God Bless Us All!

Will Garcia

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