Will Explores the Top 5 Emerging Influential Blogs 2015

After I explored the different parts of the Philippines as well as some part of the world, it’s time now to explore the fresh new blogs that emerge this year and becomes influential in their respective readers.

And since the www.influentialblogger.com will reveal this October the list of top bloggers that were emerging and influential this year, let me share with them my personal picks. These are the following:

1. Runner Rocky (www.runnerrocky.com) – This is a running and fitness blog. The writer didn’t only share his personal experiences in marathons but also the places where he ran! That’s why this blog is truly close to my heart since I’m a traveler and a fitness enthusiast as well. It deserves to be in my No. 1 slot.

2. Take Off Philippines (www.takeoffphilippines.tumblr.com) – This travel blog shares interesting stuffs and trending topics in the Philippines. The blogger gives a glimpse on different places and food to the readers.

3. XolXol (www.xolxol.ph) – What amazes me about this blog is that, it shares exciting and interesting video clips. Readers would not left behind because of the different videos from the different places around the globe.

4. Make Happy Money (www.make-happymoney.com) – Since I’m also a business oriented person, this blog deserves to be in my list! This blog simple talks about money and financial matters!

5. Jon to the World (www.jontotheworld.com) – Once more, this is a travel blog that’s why it easily captivates my attention. The blogger of this website simply depicts that everything in life has its purpose. Travel pa more dude!

That’s all in my list! Interesting blogs that deserve to be recognize in the web. If you have your own picks, feel free to vote them here: www.influentialblogger.net/2015/09/emergingblogs2015.html

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Goodluck bloggers!

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