Pampanga Vlogger Will Garcia New Youtube Channel

Being a Blogger for 7 years gave me a lot of opportunity to grow as person by meeting new people with different sets of wisdom and talents. I started  writing about food using my cheap phone until I had enough funds to buy a decent dslr so that I can provide quality content and photos to my readers. As I gain reputation, online presence and some awards, some big brands and tourism  establishments invited me to collaborate with them. I’m blessed also to received paid blogging project and media appearances.  I’m more than grateful for all the opportunities I had and continue to received.

The world of social media and online continue to evolve, many venture into vlogging. Therefore, this year, I’m challenging myself to do vlogs, not only because its popular now but its an extra push for me to improve my communication skills. I’m excited for it! Actually I already started it. 🙂 I’m getting use to it but many things to learn. 🙂

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