Cove Life: Nagsasa and Anawangin Beaches in Zambales

I’ve been to Subic and Zambales several times but I never been to Nagsasa and Anawangin Cove in San Antonio. So last May 1, 2016, me and my friend decided to explore the Coves of Zambales. The mountain and coves are formed by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 wherein Zambales, Tarlac and Pampanga are greatly affected. That incident created beautiful tourism attraction which is haven to campers and people who want to experience life in its simplest form.


We travelled to Pundaquit, Zambales wherein we took a 45 minutes boat ride going to Nagsasa Cove. Make sure your gadgets are waterproof or wrapped with plastic to avoid water from coming in.


Manong Jojo is the friendly boatman who guide us during this travel. He is smiling all the time, I suggest request for him if he is available. Kudos to this man! 🙂


We departed in Pundaquit Shore around 11am, the waves are really huge so expect you will bath even you are just seated. But its a great feeling! You will enjoy the view and feeling of going in a place where you never been.


Before heading to Nagsasa Cove we make a stop over at Capones Island. It’s white sand beach! Wow! 🙂 After that we head up to Nagsasa Cove which is our main destination.


This amazing rock formation is a sign that you are near Nagsasa Cove.


We finally arrived. The place is truly a paradise. A perfect place to forget everything and just enjoy the beauty of nature while living simple cove life. No wifi/signal so no phone calls will interrupt you.

The sand is not as white as Boracay or Saud Beach in Pagudpud but overall I like the place for its less crowded.



Since there is no hotel in the area, just cottages, bring tent, cooked food(if you don’t the hassle of cooking the food), water, toiletries and comfortable clothes.  There is Sari Sari Store but the price is expensive. So bring all the basic needs for a man to survive in an island/cove. You can bring camping hammock set them up the place for a more relaxing sleep during night. And don’t forget to be friendly enough to make friends to people in the area to make your stay enjoyable and convenient.


After we settle everything, we climb the Nagsasa Cove Mountain to fully enjoy the scenic view of the entire cove. It’s really tiring but worth it. What an amazing view! 🙂

WillGarciaNagsasaCoveMountainZambales1 copy



One of the attractions in the cove is the Lake, it’s like a location setting in Twilight Movie.



The sunset in the cove is also breathtaking!


We spent a night in the cove and the next we went to Anawangin Cove. I must say that Nagsasa Cove is better for it is less crowded and the beach is good for swimming, unlike Anawangin which has a rocky shore.


Overall, I had an amazing experience with this quick cove escapade. Living a simple life  and appreciating the beauty of God’s creation.


Make sure to book in advance, you may contact Veron Lazaro (+63947 537 4117). She is easy to deal with and request for Mang Jojo, he is the friendly boatman who guide us. The package includes potable water, ice, cooking utensils, tent and charcoal.

Check the weather on your travel date for safety, the waves are huge in the noon time what more if there is a storm or weather disturbance.

Just bring light and comfortable clothes and slippers.

Wrap your gadgets with plastic or bring waterproof cameras if have.

Get ready to get wet going to the cove and going back to Pundaquit.

Bring cooked food that don’t spoil easily. There is Sari Sari Store but the price of goods is expensive.

Bring light source.

Plan activities you can do in the cove if you plan to go their in group.

Don’t complain, just enjoy simple life in the cove and indulge in the beauty of nature

Don’t forget to make friends! 🙂

Enjoy your Cove Life! 🙂

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