Best Places in Metro Manila to Have a Photoshoot

Do you remember when people aren’t fond of leaving their houses to have photoshoots? Seems like a really long time ago, right? Back then, couples to be married don’t even give much thought on where to have their prenup shoot. But today, almost everyone spend money on travel just to have a photoshoot somewhere nice – it makes them happy. If this sounds like you, continue reading this article for suggestions on the best places in Metro Manila to have a photoshoot.

By definition, a photoshoot is an occasion when a professional photographer takes a photo for a material to be published. It means, a lot of people will see it, so it has to be really good. Nowadays, photoshoots are no longer exclusive to professional models and celebrities. Everybody can do it anywhere with a nice background and view. Here are suggestions of some places in Manila for whatever purpose you have in mind:

Café 1771

Want a background of Europe? Then go to Cafe 1771. Located in the Ortigas central business district, here you may enjoy your favorite desserts while your friend takes some snaps for your Instagram. Celebrate love here with Chef Vicky’s team. Rate is 10,000 pesos with special set meal for 3 to 6 persons.

Manila Central Post Office

Now where can you for free, you may ask. One option is this Americal colonial structure located along the banks of Pasig River. As long as you do not cause any disturbance to the to the daily operation, you may have your photoshoot here in the Greco-Roman building, architectural jewel of the country.

Heirloom Manila

For 5,000 pesos, you may rent this remarkable haven for artists. Heirloom Manila is a house setting museum with an art gallery inspired by a garden with a vintage theme. You’d surely be in awe of the surroundings and artifacts. Go back in time and capture the moment. A good location for the couple who want their wedding guests to be transported back in time.

Villamor Air Base

Checking in Resorts World Manila? You can make the most of your stay in Pasay by having a photoshoot in Villamor Air Base. It’s only 8-minute walk away and perfect to be visited in your aviator sunnies. Make sure that you advise Col. Miguel Ernesto G. Okol, PAF (GSC) prior to your visit, though, as well as other pertinent details of your shoot.

University of the Philippines, Diliman

This list wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite, UPD. Why not have your prenup with some sunflower in the background? This is probably the most relaxed, accessible, and family-friendly location. Go and head straight to the Bonsai Garden!

La Mesa Eco Park

For only 50 pesos, you can enter La Mesa Eco Park and have nature as your background. In case you’re feeling creative, you may also sign up for the activities apart from the picnic area. Options include boating and zip lining to make your shots more exciting.

Paco Park, Manila

Parks are always a good idea. Open from 8 AM to 5 PM, you may rent this place for 2,000 pesos for up to 4 hours. It is also near Intramuros, so you may want to visit there afterwards or before your shoot here. Interestingly, Paco Park in Manila was once Manila’s municipal cemetery of the Spanish colonial elite. It became the most beautiful park in the country and declared National Park in 1996.

The Dessert Museum

Be sweet literally and figuratively and head to The Dessert Museum. Located at S Maison below Conrad Hotel Manila, this photoshoot venue features mouth-watering dessert room for your Instagram feed dream. You have only 15 minutes maximum to take shots in the room, so better bring a good photographer with you to save time.

You only live once, and you shouldn’t care what people think, so do what makes you happy and take as much photos as you can. Ask a friend to actually be a friend and support you in having a photoshoot in your favorite place. Preserve the moment and realize the photos will be great memorabilia of that time you didn’t care about everything and just wanted to look cute. Make the most of your residency in Metro Manila, explore, pose, and shine! Your colorful life deserves a photoshoot.

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