How Tech Voc Philippines Help You in Your Career Path and Achieve Your Dream Lifestyle in the Future

Tech Voc Philippines style is suggested to both local and foreign students in the Philippines even the private TVET institutions to have it professionally accredited and issue a proper licensing. It encouraged  the need for tech-voc instructors with expertise are the ones qualified to train our future skilled professionals making way for the Philippines to be recognized as a globally competitive tech-voc school in Asia.

The goal is that the technical-vocational institutes (TVI) will produce world-class and skilled graduates competitive enough to fill  the demand in 

different industries in the country and overseas. Tech Voc graduates become job-ready and globally competitive, they could contribute a lot to the national income and economy. 

Highly-industrialized countries like Japan, Singapore, and Korea have made necessary advancements in their educational system, focusing on academic excellence and technology innovation. These progressive countries teach their citizens to become productive, income-generating and contribute to the national coffers. They put emphasis on the quality of products and service and really invested in technical training. These countries believe in the strength of their manpower and their role in the national economy.

Tony Galvez quoted “It is therefore time to put an end in the fairy tale that a four-year course is the only avenue to attaining a decent lifestyle. The technical field is very, very wide, uncharted and not yet competitive, which is a far cry from the competitive, dog-eat-dog corporate world.”

Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, CEO of Ayala Corporation, one of the country’s top corporations and a staunch advocate for the importance of technical skills in our society, once expressed that a vocational or technical degree should be given a prominent position in our country’s educational framework. The curriculum should be wider and the accreditation status should be improved significantly so that it will produce young graduates with specific skills that match the market needs.

The state of tech-voc in the Philippines must be reshaped in such a way that the skills and training competencies are given priorities to attain job-readiness of workers as well as uplift our skilled workers as licensed professionals.

The goal is Tech Vocs graduates lands on high-paying jobs,  proper incentives, multisectoral support and a supportive policy environment, the tech-voc track can also be a viable alternative for young Filipinos who wish to lead productive lives.

The state of tech-voc education in the Philippines would further be improved so that when we ask Filipino children what they want to be when they grow up, we hope many of them will also answer that they would want to take the tech-voc path and become a carpenter, a forklift driver or a farming technician. And by then, these children would no longer be laughed at nor looked down with the career choices they’ve made.

Tech Voc Education is the Philippines is a promising career path that manY Filipinos are afraid to take but its about time to capitalize on skills and talents that are fitted to the global industry.  So that young generation pursue their passion, reach their goals and dreams and live a fulfilled and happy life. 

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