Hapag Vicentico’s, A Must Try Restaurant in Cabanatuan City

As a Kapampangan, I have a very discriminating taste when in comes to food, we always want the best ingredients for our dishes and it should be very tasty. Let see if Hapag Vicentico’s can please my taste buds with their specialty dishes.


Hapag Vicenticos Restaurant Dining Area Empty

Hapag Vicentico’s is one of the famous restaurants in Nueva Ecija located in Del Pilar Street, Cabanatuan City. The restaurant is once abandoned old residence transformed into a restaurant with different memorabilia and old things.

Hapag Vicentico's Restaurant Dishes


Kare Kareng Baka

The dish is really good for every ingredient complement each other, the beef is so tender, the peanut sauce is tasty yet not so over powering, the vegetables are well cooked. The usual Kare Kare has pechay but for this one they used cabbage and they put squash which is not usual for a Kare Kare dish therefore it adds thickness to the sauce. Added to it is the shrimp paste, a little bit sweet and salty.  I love this dish!  🙂

Dish Rating: 9/10

Kare Kareng Baka


Puto at Dinuguan

I’m not a fan of this dish, it’s just the usual Dinuguan but the taste can still be improved, I tasted this dish for several times, I’m longing for a more tastier and richer version of this one.

Dish Rating: 7/10

Putu at Dinuguan


Adobong  Pusit

I like this dish! The squid is tender perfect with sour, sweet and salty flavor of the sauce. Very tasty!

Dish Rating: 8/10

Adobong Pusit



Just an ordinary dish, the vegetables are perfectly cooked but I just don’t like that it’s sweet, eheh I think it should be salty perhaps because of the shrimp paste.

Dish Rating: 6/10

Pinakbet sa Hapag Vicenticos Restaurant


Hapag Vicentico’s Restaurant is a must try in Cabanatuan City. The food is good complemented with great service.  Added to it is the amazing structure of the establishment, very intricate! Overall, I will give 8/10 likes for this restaurant!

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Hapag Vicentico’s Restaurant

1077 Del Pilar Street Cabanatuan City
Nueva Ecija

Telephone: (044) 600-3237
Telefax: (044) 463-0452


email: info@vicenticos.com



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