Different Ways To Experiment With Makeup

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Everyone, from complete makeup newbies to seasoned artists, can benefit from a refresher course in the art and science of applying cosmetics. In order to achieve a one-of-a-kind style, why not explore a variety of methods and tools?

Get out of your comfort zone and experiment with different cosmetic looks. Trying out new styles is a fun way to see what you like and what complements your features. Read on for some advice about how to get started when you want to experiment with your makeup. 

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Experiment With Colors

One of the easiest ways to experiment with makeup is to change the color from what you would normally use. Here are some ways to do that simply and effectively. 

If you want your lips to stand out, choose a bright gloss instead of an opaque lip color. When applied in the form of gloss, lip color can be less daunting to those who aren’t used to wearing it. As an alternative to trying to combine many colors, try a simple wash of one color over your lips and then add lip liner to finish it all off. Lipsticks are actually a really fun way to try out new colors. They are the perfect way to add a touch of flair to your everyday ensemble without going all out. And you can just remove it and start over if you need to make a change. That’s the beauty of makeup. 

If you have never used color in your makeup before, start with colors you already wear. Jewel tones are also a great way to move away from neutrals by giving your makeup a soft, sexy, and colorful edge.

Start with light colors and add more as you go. People often want to put the color they see in the palette or eyeshadow right on the lid of their eyes to get the same intensity. But those colors might not look good with the color of your skin. If you start light and build up the intensity, for example, you can get a good shade of green that works with your skin tone.

Try Different Textures 

You can also try out different textures in addition to playing with colors. Try a tinted moisturizer or BB cream instead of a traditional foundation, for example. Or, use a gel liner or a liquid liner instead of the eyeliner you usually use.

Texture is always an interesting addition to any look as it means you – and those around you – will use more than one of their senses, at least in part. Most of the time, makeup is about the sense of sight; people will see what you look like. But when you add some texture to your look, you’ll all add the sense of touch. That’s not to say that anyone is going to be touching your face, as that would be highly inappropriate, but their minds will create the sensation of the textures in their heads. This makes the entire experience a much deeper one, particularly for you as you apply the makeup. It can really change the way you feel. 

Change The Shape

A winged eyeliner, whether it’s small and subtle or dramatic and eye-catching, is always appropriate. While perfecting a wing may seem impossible at first, the impact it has on your overall appearance is well worth the practice. 

First, pick your preferred eyeliner (this can be one you’ve used for years, so there are no worries about finding anything new if you’re happy with what you’ve already got). Create a thin line about three quarters of the way down your lid, starting at the inner corner of your eye. Then, proceed to the outside corner and draw a triangle there. That’s all there is to it! Of course, you’ll need to work on your technique to get it looking how you want it, but why not give it a try next time you go out? 

Give Yourself Time

We all know how frustrating and stressful it is to have to rush when you’re putting on your makeup. You don’t have time to fix little errors, so you know you’ll notice them every time you look in the mirror (even if no one else will). Plus you’ll probably just go for the same tried and tested look you always have, which can be disappointing if you are ready to try something new. 

This is why, when you do want to experiment with your makeup, you must set aside enough time. It’s not a wise idea to try this if you have an appointment or you’re going out somewhere; ideally, you should pick a day when you have nothing else to do, so you can truly focus on trying out lots of new looks and playing around with various colors and textures. 

The more time you have, the more looks you can try out, but equally, the more practice you’ll get with those looks, meaning that when you find one you really like, you can ensure you’re happy with it before you commit to anything or need to get it done to wear out. 

Create A Statement Look

If you want your makeup to say something, try going for a bold and dramatic look. Think smoky eyes, eyeliner wings, or brightly colored lips. This could be your statement look that makes you stand out and ensures you are entirely unique. 

People wear makeup because it makes them feel good, so if you can do something – whatever it is – that makes you feel great and powerful, that’s even better. Boost your confidence with a look that is entirely yours, and you might even end up becoming something of a trendsetter. There are no rules with makeup, and that’s what makes it a fun thing to experiment with, especially as you can just wash it all off and start again if you need to. 

So now you know how to get started when it comes to experimenting with makeup, you might be wondering why you should change things up. Here are some of the best reasons. 

You’ll Be On Trend 

This reason for experimenting with makeup won’t be for everyone, and some might not consider it to be much of a reason at all, but for others, it will be the ideal reason for them to get started with experimentation; to be on trend. 

Being on trend and fashionable is very important to some people, and if you’re one of them, you’ll definitely want to ensure your makeup matches up with what the current fashions dictate. 

You Can Have Fun

As we mentioned above, wearing makeup is something you do to feel good, inside and out. So it should be a fun process to experiment with it. Otherwise, you’ll just be making yourself miserable. 

One of the best reasons to experiment with your makeup is so that you can truly have fun and do all kinds of looks that you would never have tried before. Even if some of them end up looking bad or even funny, it was worth trying for the enjoyment, and you might just find the ideal signature look during the process. 

You’ll Try New Things 

Trying new things is such an important part of life. This doesn’t just relate to makeup but to anything at all. Try new food, new hobbies, new jobs, new relationships… The more you try, the more you’ll discover about yourself and who you really are, leading to more self-confidence and overall happiness. 

When you play with different types of makeup and give yourself new looks, you’ll be opening up many avenues of exploration, making you more willing to take up other opportunities you might come across in life.

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