Clark International Airport Partnered with S.I.L.Y.A. to Honor, Care and Empower Elderly

Clark International Airport (CRK) has reaffirmed its commitment to providing a comfortable and hassle-free flying experience for all passengers. As the manager and operator of the airport, Luzon International Premiere Airport Development Corp. (LIPAD) has joined forces with Sa Iyo Lolo at Lola Yantok Aming Alay (S.I.L.Y.A.), a social enterprise dedicated to supporting senior citizens.

Under this partnership, a range of handcrafted rocking chairs, skillfully made by a group of Filipino artisans, many of whom are seniors themselves, have been placed in strategic locations throughout the terminal. This collaboration not only enhances the existing features designed for convenience but also caters to the specific needs of passengers, including accessible toilets, elevators in all boarding gates, and golf carts to assist seniors and individuals with disabilities (PWDs).

Noel Manankil, President and CEO of LIPAD, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “S.I.L.Y.A.’s mission aligns perfectly with our vision for an inclusive and accessible airport experience. We believe that travel should be comfortable for passengers of all ages, and this collaboration is a significant step towards achieving that goal.”

S.I.L.Y.A. was founded by Tito Lorete Alcala, whose personal advocacy was inspired by the lack of seating facilities for senior citizens in various public spaces. Frustrated with the inadequacy of existing legislation, he established S.I.L.Y.A. to honor and support the elderly community. By partnering with LIPAD, S.I.L.Y.A. can extend its comfort and support to a broader audience at Clark International Airport.

Tito Lorete Alcala emphasized, “S.I.L.Y.A. is more than just rocking chairs; it symbolizes respect and consideration for our seniors. This collaboration with LIPAD allows us to bring this comfort and support to a wider audience at Clark International Airport.” The partnership launch was attended by representatives from both CRK and S.I.L.Y.A.

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