Cagbalete Island Escapade in Mauban Quezon

Been hearing that Quezon province has great white beaches which are worth exploring so last June 11, me and my friends  decided to go in an island adventure to Cagbalete Island in Mauban, Quezon. I don’t expect too much for many times when I expect too much I end up disappointed about the place, so I decided to just appreciate whatever is there in the island given it’s my 2nd time for me to experience camping. From Makati, it took us around 4 hours to get to Mauban Quezon. Since I’m from Pampanga, I travelled 2 hours from Dau Bus Terminal to SM Makati.


Before we ride into the boat, I tried the Pancit Habhab(Sauted Noodles) which is Quezon province is famous, the pancit is best eaten with suka(vinegar). The price of one serving is just Php10, cheap enough for it has quail egg and a piece of fried pork.


After 1 hour boat ride around 11am we arrived in the island, 🙂 All I can say is Wow! The weather is perfect, the sky is blue with some clouds in amazing shapes, the sky makes the white sand beach and clear water radiant. What an amazing view!



We stayed at Aguho Playa, the place is very relaxing for you are surrounded with trees and plants.


We set up the tents under the trees. The place is perfect for camping for there are hug trees that can protect you from direct sun and give you a relaxing ambiance.


The place is perfect also for boodle fight, where everyone that part in preparing the food and all together we eat under the shades of the trees. Dining while enjoying the beauty of nature with group of friends. What a great experience!BoodleFightWillGarciaCagbaleteIsland

Everyone enjoyed  the food,  there is really a joy when you work on something and see the results, for this certain situation its delectable food! The freshly caught giant squad is delicious, grilled in perfection, accompanied with salted egg, green mango salad and eggplant.


We had also, pork sisig, shrimps, chicken and pork adobo and rice cake. Mangan! 🙂


After we settle everything and ate our lunch, we went to Naga Cove, I suggest that you don’t go there if you don’t like trekking and given the falls is not that good.  But if you want to experience adventure why not try.

After Naga Cove, we went to the Sand Bar and go snorkeling but since its already 4pm, we don’t enjoy the view of the sun is already gone. So after few minutes we decided to go back to the camp and take a rest. We will just go back tomorrow to fully enjoy the view.


The next day we went back to the Sand Bar, unfortunately its already high tide but the view is still amazing, the white sand, clear water and blue sky! Wow!




After we enjoyed swimming and taking photos we went snorkeling and swimming into a more deeper part of the sea to see the fishes and corals.




It was indeed a great experience! I never thought that Quezon province has hidden gems waiting for us to explore. It’s just near Metro Manila, it might take 5 hours going there but it’s all worth it! I will definitely go back to explore other islands and cove of this province.


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    Concealed in the province of Mauban, Quezon , Cagbalete island is quite different from all of the usual beach attractions.  You won t find noisy and busy bars nor mosh pits of people drinking booze and jumping to the beats of loud music here. This island is simply such a beauty on its own, it took my breath away. 

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