Burias Island Masbate: Tour Packages, Itinerary, Travel Tips & Budget

Burias Island in San Pascual is one of the three main islands located on the upper coast of the province of Masbate. In this tour we will explore 5 islands namely Snake/Dapa Island, Good Island(newly discovered), Sombrero, Tinalisayan, and Animasola Island.  Each island has a unique character that is perfect for amazing photographs. The picturesque view will take your breath away. The powdery white sand, stunning rock formations, crystal clear water makes your island summer getaway unforgettable.

Summer is just around the corner and it’s my favorite season in the Philippines for I love exciting feel that the sun, sea and sand brings. For this year, I decided to join a group of travellers for their Burias Island Masbate tour. It’s not ordinary for me to join group of strangers and explore certain place but I’m not getting any younger so I need to do things I never did before. Given my profession as entrepreneur, blogger and health and fitness advocate I tend to be an introvert when I have a choice but most of the time I need to talk to people due to my business and events that I need to attend. Well, I think I’m ambivert, ehe

I travelled from Pampanga to Manila around 5pm and arrive at Greenfields, Mandaluyong at 8pm, I took a quick dinner and head up to the meeting place. We are 50 persons in the group with different professions, personality and background. I got the  chance to talk to some of them. We travelled to San Andres Port in Quezon as the drop off point going to Masbate. The travel going there took us 9 hours. As we arrived in the port we fix our stuff, freshen up and take our breakfast before going to the first island which is the Snake or Dapa Island.


 Dapa Island/Snake Island
This island was named after the sea snakes used to be abundant in the area but due to the several tourists coming in during summer most snakes vanish. During our visit, some of our friends saw few sea snakes resting in some of the holes in the rock formations. So be careful when striking a pose or swimming, you might disturb them for all of the sea snakes are venomous that can be fatal to anyone bitten by them.
The name might scares you but the island is scenic due to its rock formations and fine sands perfect for some stunning photographs and a refreshing dip in the blue to turquoise clear water. Wear aqua shoes as to enjoy roaming around the island for the rocks are a bit sharp and can cause you cuts or wounds. Enjoy but be careful guys! 🙂

The island is too breathtaking so I strike several poses and captured perfectly by my friends. 🙂 Some of the best shots can be seen below. 🙂
Good Island
One of the newly discovered islands in Burias Masbate. This small island is good for cliff diving, snorkeling or just enjoy the view at the top of the rock formations.
Sombrero Island

Sombrero Island in Masbate is named after the iconic rock formation that looks like a comboy hat. This will be our camping site and will spend overnight here. The island is perfect for swimming, the shores are a bit rocky so choose some parts of the island where you can swim freely without getting hurt by sharp rocks underneath the sea.

There are nipa huts in the island for Php2,500/night if you want to have a more comfortable sleep but since it’s just overnight stay why not experience sleeping in a camping tent? Right? 🙂

We got the chance to swim in the late afternoon, the waves are quite huge making your swimming experience a bit exciting for you need to play with the upcoming waves.

The sun set is stunning…
Tinalisayan Island
The name of the island is from the root word ‘talisay’ meaning beautiful in the local language, true enough the island is beautiful characterized by the ivory sandbar, rock formations and crystal clear water. The coconut trees give you a tropical vibe.
The island is perfect for Tropical Themed Summer Photoshoot. My friends had the chance to capture some nice photographs.
Animasola Island
 This island is situated at the northern east side of San Pascual, Masbate which is farther than Sombrero and Tinalisayan but has a distich character due to its stunning rock formations and the iconic Mermaid’s Lair.

Simple Travel Tips: 
*Bring easy to eat food yet not perishable, the food in Sombrero Island is a bit expensive example the instant 3 in 1 coffee with hot water(Php15),  1.5 liters soft drink(Php75-Php100).
*Bring potable water to lessen the cost.
*1 pail of water cost Php50.
*Bring your own camping tent if you want to be more comfortable, for joiners its provided but usually you need to share the tent with someone.
*Bring toiletries, sunblock, light yet comfortable clothes, sunglasses, slippers, aqua shoes, flashlight, snorkel, inset repelllant,
tumbler, personal medicine and trash bag
*Bring extra patience for you cannot control everything during the trip.
*Enjoy every moment and don’t forget to make friends to make the trip more enjoyable.
Been to Burias Island in Masbate? Or you got other travel tips? 🙂 Let me know so we can add it here! 🙂
Those are just 5 islands in Burias Masbate and I must say the long travel is all worth it for the islands are undeniably picturesque. I love the mix of white sand beaches, rock formations and crystal clear water. This trip is more enjoyable for I gain more friends. We are now planning for our next trip! lol! Wanna join? Hit me up and together we will explore the beauty of the Philippines! 🙂



DAY 0 (Friday)

8:30 pm Assembly @ Greenfield parking lot
9:00 pm Departure to San Andres Port

DAY 1 (Saturday)
5:00am ETA port, register, take breakfast, final prep.
7:00am First part of Island Hopping
(Animosola Island, Tinalisayan Island and Sandbar, Sumbrero Island )
Sumbrero Island will be our camping area

DAY 2 (Sunday)

5:00am Wake up call, sunrise
6:30am Breakfast
7:00am Swimming/Photo Ops
8:30am Second part of Island Hopping
(Snake Island and Alibijaban)
01:00pm Back to port, tidy up
03:00pm ETD to Manila
07:00pm Stopover for dinner
10:00pm ETA Manila

Budget PHP 2999 per person


Round Trip Van Transfers Manila to Quezon,
Entrance/Guide/Environmental Fees,
3 set of meals (lunch, dinner, breakfast)
Boat Transfer
Island Hopping Tour
All entrance and environmental fee
Gas/Toll/Driver’s fee




10:00 pm          ETD Manila (from Cubao)


6:00 am            ETA Naga Terminal. Upon arriving proceed to Pasacao terminal

7:00 am            ETA Pasacao Terminal. Go straight to Pasacao Port

7:15 am            From Pasacao Port, ride a passenger boat heading to the town of San Pascual

10:00 am          Arrival at the town of San Pascual. Inquire at the tourism office for the island hopping tours

10:30 am          Brunch and Look for affordable accommodation

1:00 pm             Island hopping at Tinalisayen and Sombrero Island

6:00 pm            Back to San Pascual to freshen up

7:00 pm onwards  Dinner, Socials and Sleep



5:00 am            Wake up for Animasola Island

6:00 am            Animasola Island

8:30 am            Back at San Pasual mainland

9:30 am            Depart San Pascual and heading to Pasacao port

12:30 am          Arrival at Pasacao port

1:30 pm            Arrival at Naga terminal. Late lunch.

2:00 pm            ETD Naga terminal

11:00 pm          ETA Manila


Manila to Naga                   Php 700 x 2 (But, price may vary from 650-1000 depending with the bus company)

Naga to Pasacao                Php80 x 2

Pasacao to San Pascual    Php 150 x 2

Meals                                  Php 100/meal x 6 (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

Island Hopping                    Php 3000/6 pax or 500/head

Lodging                               Php 300/person/night

TOTAL =  Php 3,000-4,000


HOW TO GO THERE(Manila to Naga) 


  • Manila to Naga Airport (1 hour flight)
  • Naga Airport to Pasacao Terminal (45 minutes – 1 hour: Public van or jeep)
  • Pasacao Terminal to Pasacao Port (5 minutes: Walk or pedicab)
  • Pasacao Port to San Pascual (2- 3 hours: Via passenger boat)
  • At San Pascual Port, inquire at the tourism office for the island hopping tours


  • Manila to Naga Bus Terminal (8-9 hours)
  • Naga Bus Terminal to Pasacao Terminal (45 minutes – 1 hour: Public van or jeep))
  • Pasacao Terminal to Pasacao Port (5 minutes: Walk or pedicab)
  • Pasacao Port to San Pascual (2- 3 hours: Via passenger boat)
  • At San Pascual Port, inquire at the tourism office for the island hopping tours



Manila to San Andres Port, Quezon

  • Manila to San Andres Quezon Province (7-8 hours)
  • From San Andres, you may inquire with the locals for boat rentals going to Burias Islands(4-5 hours boat ride)

Manila to Masbate

  • Manila to Masbate City (1 hour flight)
  • Masbate City to San Pascual (8-9 hours: Boat)

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