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We are awarded as ππžπ¬π­ π“π«πšπ―𝐞π₯ & π‹π’𝐟𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐲π₯𝐞 ππ₯𝐨𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐫 πŸπŸŽπŸπŸ‘ (π“π‘πž ππ‘𝐒π₯𝐒𝐩𝐩𝐒𝐧𝐞𝐬) by LUX Life Magazine. Thank you so much for the recognition. I will strive harder to provide relevant and amazing content for Will Explore Philippines and World! 

About the Resorts and Retreats Awards

LUXlife Magazine’s Resorts and Retreats Awards 2023, is a longest-running and most respected campaign awarding deserving individuals, groups and properties that show excellence in their chosen field. 

For a two-year period travellers were grounded, and many hotels, resorts, and vacation retreats unfortunately closed their doors. Now, as we move further away from the challenging times of the pandemic, it is becoming clear just how resilient the Resorts and Retreats industry truly is. Globally, demand in this segment is on the rise as people are making up for lost time and finally booking the well-earned trips and getaways that had been impossible before.

Even as the cost of living rises, leisure travel is still a top priority for consumers, with a recent Accenture study reporting that fifty percent of people plan on increasing their spending in this area throughout 2023. Wellness retreats in particular are becoming a popular choice, as working professionals with hectic routines are looking to de-stress and take time out for their physical and mental wellbeing. In fact, two fifths of high-income consumers already have a luxury wellness trip booked this year.

In addition to this, new data from the American Hotel & Lodging Association shows that revenues across the U.S. Hotel industry will exceed pre-pandemic figures by the end of 2023, and this upwards trend is reflected in most other international markets as well. The UK Hotels sector is on a strong path to recovery, with occupancy numbers in 2022 double that of the previous year. Luxury hotels throughout the Middle East and Africa have nearly achieved pre-pandemic levels of demand, with Asian countries including China and Japan also seeing positive results after ending all travel-related restrictions.

The international Resorts and Retreats market is projected to grow substantially over the next decade, and this can also be attributed to advancements across the sector. As guest requirements continue to evolve, resorts are competing to offer the best services – resulting in more efficient reservations processes, better suites and facilities, improved security, access to more activities and excursions, and enhanced dining experiences.

These are just a few of the areas we will be assessing in order to determine the winners for the Resorts and Retreats Awards 2023. Each and every recipient will be selected purely on merit, taking into consideration business performance, customer service, guest experience, and innovation within the field. Those who are successful will be given the opportunity to capitalise on their success in the programme via celebratory advertising packages, which are available in a range of options to fit any coverage and budgetary requirements.

Taking part in the Resorts and Retreats Awards 2023 is a fantastic way to showcase your business to LUXlife’s international audience of high-net worth individuals and jetsetters searching for their next destination! 

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