8 Classic Clothing Items Every Man Should Have

Fashion trends come and go, but the classics are here to stay forever. Certain clothing pieces and accessories are suitable for casual and formal occasions. And while having multiple clothes and shoes is a fashion lover’s dream, classic fashion statements are versatile and will remain relevant until the end of time.

You’ve probably seen lists and infographics of classic wardrobe pieces for women. In this blog, you’ll learn about eight essential fashion elements every man should have in their wardrobes.

White Shirt

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The basic white T-shirt is perhaps the classic of all classic pieces as it is suitable for all seasons. Choose different neckline types to have variations for different looks and occasions–get white T-shirts with crew, V-shaped, scoop, polo, and Henley necklines.
Aside from the basic white T-shirt, get white button-down shirts. These are ideal for wearing in church, semi-formal events, and even virtual meetings in your house for rent Cagayan de Oro. It is best to have your white button-down shirts tailored to fit you like a glove. Tailored outfits will also make you look like you’re wearing couture every day!

All-Purpose Hoodie

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Hoodies are another versatile piece men should have in their closets. They’re comfy for sleeping, keeping warm in colder environments, and protecting you from rain and wind while you exercise outdoors. Your hoodies also provide comfort and aromatherapy to your significant other.

That said, get an all-purpose hoodie suitable for working out, sleeping, and putting up casual OOTDs. Select black and gray hoodies for variations in your outfits, while different colors allow you to combine clothing pieces for different looks.

Suit or Tuxedo

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A tuxedo or suit is an essential outfit piece for formal events such as weddings, anniversaries, and your office’s significant celebrations. Choose a black, dark gray, or navy suit; these colors establish a formal and elegant feel to the wearer.
When shopping for suits, make sure to try them on to see if they fit and have them altered to your size if necessary. Clothes that fit will always look good and make you feel like you’re wearing designer clothes.

Navy Blue Blazer

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Your tuxedo blazer may overwhelm smart casual and corporate occasions. Tone your outfit down a bit without reducing it to casual wear by adding a navy blue blazer. And yes, have it tailored to fit you better, so it accentuates your physique.
A navy blue sweater is also perfect for virtual conferences, semi-formal events, and fancy dates. It also lets you stand out from the crowd a bit since your OOTD will look crisp and worth being on a fashion magazine.

Dark Denim Jeans

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Various cuts of jeans may be stylish right now, but a pair of dark denim straight-cut jeans will stay stylish forever. Pair them with a white T-shirt and sneakers, and you have a simple yet timeless outfit to go to the mall with friends and family.
If you want something more elegant, switch your T-shirt with a button-down and complete your outfit with dress shoes. You now have an outfit perfect for weekend brunches, going to church with your relatives, or a dinner date with your special someone.

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White sneakers might seem intimidating to wear as they’re prone to getting stained, but these are versatile fashion elements that will spice up your outfits. Most white sneakers are also designed with comfort, so they’re suitable for everyday wear.
A pair of white sneakers come in different styles and materials. Make sure to choose a pair or two that fits you well; it is also practical to get something that is stylish and fitting for any season. This saves you money and perhaps the headache of deciding what shoes to wear for your outfit.

A Pair of Dress Shoes

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A pair of dress shoes are always a good investment, adding gentleman-like vibes to your ensemble. Invest in a quality leather pair so you’ll have formal-wear shoes that will withstand staying in your closet for long periods.
Get black and brown pairs of dress shoes so you’ll have footwear that will suit different outfits. Brown dress shoes will go with darker suits, while a black pair of Oxfords or loafers will spice up khakis, beiges, and any light-colored clothing piece.


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A classic, grown-up watch provides a crisp and elegant touch to your outfits. Wristwatches can be quite an investment, so it’s best to get one that doesn’t corrode and has a battery that lasts a year or more.
Choose a wristwatch with a clean face and metal band; save the funky, colorful plastic ones for weekends and outdoor activities. Watches for men come in gold, silver, and leather and luxury watches boast complications and high-end features. Choose one that compliments your personality and personal style.

New styles come in every year and old ones fade away fast. While there is nothing wrong with keeping up with what’s currently in, having these eight classic clothing items will let you have timeless outfits that fit any season.


10 Men’s Wardrobe Essentials – Classic Clothes Every Guy Should Have


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