Susie’s Cuisine: Best Desserts and Pasalubong from Pampanga

Susie’s Cuisine started as small carinderia in Angeles City is now one of the growing home grown restaurants and pasalubong store in Pampanga and nearby provinces. In 1972, Miss Anicia Ayson started this business that originally serves kapampangan dishes and snacks to cater the travellers who are shopping in Nepo Mart which is known to be a shopping center for imported products that time. But as the time passes by, their native desserts are being patronized by their clients making them the Best in Pampango Kakanin. Susie’s Cuisine is named after his daughter Jesusa Ayson Yabut.  In 1991, Susie and her husband Glenn Yabut managed  the business and continue to improve the products and services. As of 2017, this home grown restaurant has 22 branches including their recent branch in Quezon City to cater the growing market in Metro Manila. From a small carinderia to a household name and a must visit restaurant in Pampanga that has been featured to different television lifestyle shows, magazines and newspapers, Susie’s Cuisine is no doubt the best in Kapampangan kakainin.

What makes their products different from other Kapampangan restaurants? They are using quality ingredients and they don’t use preservatives. They maintain the taste of food but continue to improve them and add more products to their menu. Your food trip in Pampanga is not complete if you will not dine at Susie’s Cuisine or buy some products for pasalubong. The best sellers that you should not miss are Pancit Luglug, Biringhe(Kapampangan version of Paelle), Tibok Tibok(Maja Blanca) and different native kakanin to satisfy your sweet cravings. Biringhe (Kapampangan Paella or Poor Man’s Paella) Biringhe is the Kapampangan version of Paella or also know as Poor Man’s Pealla because instead of seafood they used chicken meat which is more affordable. It’s other main ingredients are glutenous rice, coconut milk and  turmeric extract that gives its yellow color.

Pancit Luglug(Kapampangan Pancit Palabok) Washed noodles topped with palabok made with shrimp broth, pork’s ear, anatto seeds extract, boiled eggs and chicharon. Luglug is Kapampangan word for washed. Tibok Tibok(Maja Blanca) A well known Kapampangan dessert made with flour, carabao’s milk, coconut milk, kernel corn, sugar and latik(reduced coconut milk which is made from the first pressed extract). Tibok Tibok is named after the sound of the mixture when it already cooked, it produce a sound like of a heart beat. Kalame Nasi (Kapampangan Rice Cake) A Kapampangan dessert made with glutenous rice, sugar, milk and coconut milk. Macapuno Leche Flan A new twist to the well loved Leche Flan by adding macapuno. Alwalu/Halo Halo Made with shaved ice, sweetened beans, ube, banana, macapuno, milk topped with leche flan and ice cream. Other must try dishes are Lumpiang Ubod, Mochi, Dinuguan or Tidtad. Pasalubong products are also available which are from different towns of Pampanga and all over the Philippines. Susie’s Cuisine is a Must Visit Restaurant if you happen to have a Food Trip in Pampanga.  Actually it’s Will Explore Philippines‘ Best Kampampangan Desserts for 2016: The Best Kapampangan Kakain/Desserts in Pampanga – SUSIE’S CUISINE Susie’s Cuisine Main Branch 36 Hilda Street, Nepo Mart, Angeles City 045 8880034

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