Zola Resto/Cafe: A Great Dining Experience in Baguio City

Zola Resto/Cafe which is located along Upper Session Road is a bar and restaurant put in one place, a perfect to hang out with friends and family. They offer different dishes such as pizza, pasta, sandwiches, main courses, desserts and a lot more. A wide array of beverages are also available to those who want to relax and enjoy, an ice cold drink or a cup of freshly brewed coffee is perfect for the cold weather in Baguio City.

Zola Restaurant and Cafe Logo Entrance

Zola Restaurant and Cafe Logo  Zola Restaurant and Cafe Logo 2


The ambiance is quit cozy, combination of warm colors is all over the place evident with the lamps, furniture and decorations. Love their seats, very comfortable.

Zola Restaurant and Cafe Dining Area 2 Zola Restaurant and Cafe Dining 3


We are privileged enough to try their new dishes which will be available this November 2013. Dishes that will be added to the menu are breakfast meals, main courses, pizza, sandwich and desserts.


The most important meal of the day, our breakfast should be something healthy and fuels our stomach to start the day right. Zola Resto/Cafe will soon offer the following breakfast meals.

American Breakfast. A combination of perfectly cooked pancakes, fried eggs and bacon. A simple breakfast to start you day! I think fresh fruits will be great for this one that adding cucumber and tomatoes. Other than that, its ok.

American Breakfast at Zola Restaurant and Cafe Baguio City

Filipino Breakfast. A combination of garlic rice, fried egg, milk fish(bangus), tocino and pork tapa.

Filipino Breakfast at Zola Restaurant and Cafe Baguio City

Taal Rice. Most Filipino love fried rice or “sinangag”, this dish is perfect, you can taste the garlic and smoked fish in the rice topped with salted egg and with tomatoes and onions on the side. I like this one! 🙂

Taal Rice at Zola Restaurant and Cafe Baguio City

Blueberry French Toast. A different flavor added to the all time favorite breakfast dish.

Blueberry French Toast at Zola Restaurant and Cafe Baguio City

Main Courses

New items on the menu will include baby back ribs, buttered pork chop and creamy dory fish.

Baby Back Ribs. The pork is so tender but the sauce should taste like the sauce of barbecue, the taste of the tomato ketchup is overpowering, a little balance on the flavor will make this one a great dish!


Butterred Pork chop. This dish is just ok, I like it more if the breading is a bit crunchy and the pork is juicy.

Buttered Porkchop at Zola Restaurant and Cafe

Cream Dory with Ratatouille. A different way to enjoy cream dory fish. I like this dish for it’s healthy! 🙂

Cream Dory with Ratatouille at Zola Restaurant and Cafe Baguio City

 Pizza and Sandwich. An additional to the line of snacks.

Chicken Buffalo Pizza. This is perfect for sharing. The taste of the chicken is so good, very flavorful and fresh. Just a minor suggestion, the dough or crust should be a bit crispy on the outside other than that, its really DELICIOUS!  🙂

Chicken Buffalo at Zola Restaurant and Cafe Baguio City

Chef’s Special Sandwich. This one is really special! Love the taste of the bacon and chicken on the sandwich. The potato wedges are also delicious, freshly cooked. Yummy!

Chef's Special Sandwich at Zola Restaurant and Cafe Baguio City

 Desserts. A great way to end a meal is to have something sweet, Zola Resto/Cafe will offer this sweet treats soon.

Cookies and Cream. This dessert is just ok. the taste and texture go well together. It’s not too sweet. I like it that way!

Cookies and Cream Dessert at Zola Restaurant and Cafe Baguio City

Mango Tango. I love this dessert, the texture, the taste, the coldness and the blend of flavors is superb! 😀 Ripe mangoes go well with the cream, bread and chocolate sauce! The contrast and combination of everything in this dessert is LOVE! 😀

Mango Tango at Zola Restaurant and Cafe Baguio City

This is one of the must-dine restaurant in Baguio City. Given its location in Session Road, a very accessible place in the city and near many attractions. Experience great dining in the heart of the city at Zola Resto/Cafe!

My overall dining experience was great, the service is  good, the food is great and the ambiance is a winner!

Will Explore Overall Rating: 8/10 likes

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This is part of the Baguio Food Tour 2013 held last October 25-28, 2013 where group of bloggers from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao gathered in Baguio City to review different restaurants to promote Summer Capital of the Philippines as gastronomic destination.

Zola Resto/Cafe

Patricia De Baguio Building, Session Road, 2600 Baguio City

(074) 446 5610

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zolarestocafe





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