Will Explore The World: Best Cafes in Marrakesh on Your Honeymoon

Morocco is now one of the best honeymoon destinations, attracting couples by its exoticism. And of course, any trip to Morocco is not without a visit to Marrakesh. If you are going to visit this city and do not want to get lost in an infinite number of different places, look at a list of the wonderful Marrakesh restaurants.

Atay Cafe—Food.

This is an incredibly atmospheric cafe in the Berber boho style. At first glance, it is tiny, but it has 5 levels and can easily accommodate even a large company. Make sure to try the traditional mint tea. The guys specialize in tea, it is really delicious here. The name Atay is translated from Moroccan as “tea”.

Zwin Zwin Café.

Zvin means “beautiful” in Moroccan. The special feature of this cafe is its snow-white terrace, from where you can see the most amazing sunset in the medina, here you will feel that it is really one of the amazing honeymoon destinations. The place is very romantic. Look and atmosphere of this Marrakesh restaurant are just worth to come here at least once.

Cafe des Epices.

It is a nice place in the hipster style. It is located at the intersection of noisy markets in the heart of the spice square. Be sure to visit it during shopping in order to refresh yourself with a glass of orange-ginger juice and watch the life of the old shopping area. You should try chicken tagine and soup harira. At sunset, you can get up on the terrace, it will not leave you indifferent.

Dar Cherifa.

This is a fairytale. One of the oldest riads of Marrakesh and best honeymoon destinations. It operates as a restaurant and a cafe-library. In order to get there, you need to go through a noisy market, then through the labyrinth of narrow streets and finally knock on the ordinary-looking door. The door will be opened and you will find a real oasis of peace and tranquility behind it. The food is delicious, and the prices are very pleasant for such a place. Do not forget to get up on the terrace. You have already realized that you should always get up on the terrace in the medina.


Come here when you walk down the modern part of Marrakesh. In a cozy courtyard under the shade of orange trees you can not only eat tasty and inexpensive lunch but also do a good deed. The fact is that this is not a commercial restaurant but an association which helps poor Moroccan women. They are trained in culinary and foreign languages, employed and provided with housing. All the proceeds of the restaurant are used to help these women.

La Cuisine de Mona.

It is a very nice cozy place with the most delicious home Lebanese cuisine in the city. The hosts are a married couple. It seems that you do not come to a cafe but to visit them, and they lavish you with home-made Marrakesh food. The hostess cooks herself and you just lick your fingers. You are recommended to try a meze of 10 dishes and homemade lemonade. And Lebanese coffee and Turkish delight for dessert. Be careful, the cafe is located among the residential buildings, the entrance is tiny and completely inconspicuous, it is easy to miss.


Go to this bakery for the most delicious sweets. Here is the Parisian style. There are only several tables but with beautiful Moroccan serving. Lovely packing boxes with sketches from the life of Marrakech. Here, ingredients of the highest quality are used, so prices are higher.

La Pâtisserie by Terrasse Des Epices.

It is a confectionery, which, in addition to Moroccan sweets, offers ice cream with unusual Moroccan flavors. But first, try the biscuits themselves, otherwise, you will not appreciate the taste of ice cream to the fullest. This sweet place makes Marrakesh to be in the top honeymoon destinations.

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