Timeless Skin Care for Men by Ian Veneracion

Ian Veneracion launched his own line of skin care which is suitable for its busy and active lifestyle.

Last December 7, 2021 we are invited to witness the grand launch of Timeless by Ian Veneracion at the Makati Diamond Residences that was graced by selected vips and media. We are one of the lucky Lifestyle Blogger and Influencers to be invited.

In the launch, skincare products includes facial wash, toner, serum, and sunscreen which combats the early signs of aging. You can avail the products through the direct sales company IAM Worldwide.

According to Veneracion, we was very hands on for this products for even his signature scent is on it. He even visit the manufacturing plant to check the progress and how the products are being processed.

As not so vain men like me, Veneracion admitted that he grew up not taking care of his skin, too lazy to put anything on his face. But with the encouragement of his wife he decided to take care his skin to slow down the signs of aging for he is now in his 40’s.

Veneracion believe that to look and feel great men should take care omes physical, mental, and emotional health.

As a Travel and Lifestyle Blogger, I strongly agree with him for having an active lifestyle our skin is prone to early signs of aging and to slow down that Skin Care products is needed therefore Timeless Skin Care by Ian Veneracion is perfect for everyone especially for men.

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