The Big 3 Bistro

The Big 3 Bistro is a new restaurant opened last July 2013 at the Oceana Complex, Balibago, Angeles City. It was founded by 3 persons so they named the place after them.  I’m curious about the restaurant so I decided to have my lunch there.


The place is modern inspired with the green and orange color plays in the entire establishment.  It gives you a feeling that you are in a fancy canteen in which you can have a nice conversation with your classmates while enjoying the food.

The-Big-3-Bistro-Dining-Area-2 The-Big-3-Bistro-Dining-Area-1 SAMSUNG

Since its lunch time, I ordered Cheesy Chicken with B3 Cream Sauce, Four Seasons Shake and Leche Flan.


I want a hearty meal so I choose the Cheesy Chicken with B3 Cream Sauce.  At first I was kind of amaze, the presentation is nice and the plate is hot!  After I took my first bit I found out that the chicken fillet is overly coated with chicken skin, actually the breading and the chicken skin is more than the chicken fillet. I like the creamy sauce with pesto, it could have been so great if the chicken is crunchy and juicy, but it’s not! It’s try and I wonder if the oil used in frying is still new.  The mixed green side is just Romaine Lettuce with Thousand Island dressing.  Should they call it mixed green? When they have only one type of green???


The Four Seasons Shake, I simply don’t like it! I don’t taste the fruits except for banana and too much Grenadine that they put into it. Actually I can say that it’s just a One Season or Sweet Season instead?


Lastly, the delicious Leche Flan save the course somehow but its not enough for my disappointed appetite.


I spend Php390 for this meal. It’s not worth it! Maybe I have a wrong choice of dishes? Maybe some other items in the menu are more delicious that what I ordered. I’m still hungry after this meal. I might give it another try as they gave me a promo coupon for a free rolled pizza in my next visit.


Their specialties are burgers, pasta and rolled pizza. Have a glimpse of their menu below.

 The-Big-3-Bistro-Menu The-Big-3-Bistro-Menu-Pasta-and-Burger


Will Explore Overall Rating: 4/10 likes

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The Big 3 Bistro

Oceana Complex, Balibago, Angeles City

0922 827 0077

Operation Hours

Mon –Sunday: 12:00 pm – 1:00 am









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