San Fernando City Restaurant: Urban Table Bistro

Urban Table Bistro in Greenfields, San Fernando City Pampanga offers Filipino dishes with a twist, Chef Don reinvent the well loved cuisine to the next level. I love fusion but some changes in the ingredients sometimes don’t go well and just ruin the overall taste of the food but for this restaurant Chef Don perfectly reinvented and level up Filipino Cuisine yet the traditional taste of the food is there and matches some ingredients he added to bring up the best improved fusion version of every dish.

The ambiance of the restaurant is so homey and relaxing. I like everything they put from the furniture to fixtures. As you enter, it feels like home which you are always longing to go and enjoy delectable dishes. The tables and chairs are made of wood that adds to overall ambiance.

The place is well ventilated, so you can enjoy the ambiance while having the right amount of light which is perfect for the foodies who loves to take photos of the food they are about to enjoy.

Let’s dig in! We started with the House Salad which is made with romaine lettuce, fresh red apples, glazed walnuts, cranberry with slightly sweet vinaigrette and parmesan cheese. Every ingredient blend so well, I love the light and freshness of the salad. A perfect way to start a meal.  🙂

The Crispy Chicharones is quite sinful but I love it! Perfectly matched the spicy vinegar. It’s ok to indulge ones ina while so if it’s your cheat day this is absolutely perfect.

But if you are on a diet and you don’t want to ruin your fitness goals, this Grilled Chicken Inasal is for you! It’s made with Chicken cutlets and moringa and mango salsa. A delectable yet healthy dish. I love this one also. The playful flavors and texture is just superb given it’s guiltless meal you can have.

One of the favorite also! Chocolate Binagoongan Pasta is made with spaghetti with chocolate bagoong  sauce topped with crispy pork belly. I love the playful flavor of sweet,salty and certain crispiness. 🙂

The Drunken BBQ Ribs to a must try also! I like the tenderness of meat and its flavorful.

The Sinful Pasta is made of prawns, crab roe in linguine topped with parmesan cheese.

The dishes mentioned above are my top favorites. Other dishes you can try are the following.

Dirty Fries

Spam Frittata

Crispy Bagnet



For dessert, they have Mango Bravo and Creme Brûlée Cakes.

For healthy refreshments, they have Malunggay Double Apple Juice and Calamansi Honey with Chia Seed. I love both drinks for it balances the delectable meals. 🙂

Overall, I had I great dining experience.  What I like about Urban Table Bistro is that the items served are Filipino fusion but Chef Don reinvent every dish so well that you can still enjoy the traditional taste of food that is complement with a new ingredient that brings out the best of each dish. Chef Don also incorporate something healthy as much as possible like using Malunggay or Moringa to a dish keeping in mind the health conscious people yet not sacrificing the taste of the dish. I will definitely go back for more and recommend this restaurant to my friends.

So you will have a Food Trip in Pampanga, Urban Table Bistro is a must dine restaurant! 🙂

Urban Table Bistro

Unit 101 Greenfields Square
Mac Arthur Highway Sindalan
City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Mobile No:  (0916) 5960045

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