Pampanga: Mequeni Live Buffet Restaurant Clark

Quest Plus Mequeni Live is the newest buffet and all day dining restaurant in Clark Pampanga. Inspired by the energy of being alive, the launch happened with a burst of color and entertainment. The launched happened on November 20, 2018 with a ribbon cutting ceremony and circus themed performances by the Legato Performing Artists.

As a health conscious person, I go right away to the Salad Station, lol. Love the selection of both local and international salad choices. Pako(Fern) Salad is something you should try! 🙂

Seafood lover? You will surely indulge in there Seafood station, perfectly cook prawns, oysters, crabs and crabs.

You can also enjoy famous Kapampangan dishes, may favorites are Biringhe, Adobong Itik and Kare Kare.

Mequeni Live paid homage to Pampanga, the culinary capital of the Philippines, by serving authentic Pork Sisig and Pancit Palabok carefully crafted to satisfy everyone’s taste. I personally love these two dishes for the taste are not altered to the original recipe of the dishes.

Mequeni Live is different from other buffet restaurants in Pampanga for its a feast for all senses. Food is prepared right before your very eyes making the dining experience more interesting and exciting. You will appreciate the food for you know the food you are about to partake is prepared and cooked with love. You can enjoy all the nine station for they got specific dish will you surely love.

As an Ice Cream lover, I find their Gelato Station for it’s rotating and got 12 flavors to choose from. Personally I love the Salted Caramel and Blueberry Cheesecake. 🙂

Even guest will surely love each station from fresh sashimi and seafood, to dim sum and grill stations, to handmade pizza and dessert station. Mequeni Live in Quest Plus Clark is highly recommended if you want to great dining experience. If I have visitor who want to taste Kapampangan and international dishes, Mequeni Live is one of my top buffet restaurant of choice. 🙂

Quest Plus Clark Plus Conference Center – Clark

(045) 599 8000.

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