My Top 5 Everyday Value Meal Food at GrabFood in Pampanga

GrabFood has been my realible food delivery services whenever I crave or looking for something to eat for lunch or dinner. Since we are still cautious of our health, the safest way is to have our food delivered in our home or hotel during my travel. 

Cravings? Or thinking of food to eat? Now you have delectable yet affordable selection through #EverydayValueMeals available on GrabFood! Meals starts at Php99 only. 

Here’s my Top 5 Everyday Value Meal Food that you surely love. 😋🍛🍱🥗🍝

Fresh Spring Rolls Prawns(1pc) -Purple Pad Thai – Php71

-Love this fresh and healthy stay with shrimps and vegetables with its tasty peanut sauce. This is my go to dish when I crave for Thai Cuisine.

Baked Mac – Toll House – Php160

-Classic Homegrown Comfort food that is how I describe this dish. The creamy, cheesy and tasty baked mac of Toll House is just perfect to satisfy your hunger and cravings and brings back happy memories. 

RenTen Shoyu Ramen – Hashi Sushi – Php178

-Affordable ramen? Hashi Sushi is a restaurant to order your ramen and Japanese cravings, love the authentic taste of their dishes made with fresh ingredients. This new player in the food scence in Pampanga is a must try! 

Carbonara – Armando’s Pizza – Php125

-There are days when I like pasta with white sauce, Armando’s Pizza dont disappoint. The creamy, tasty and  mix of flavors make this my fave carbonara. 

Chicken BBQ – Aling Lucing – 130

-Aside of the original sisig, Aling Lucing’s Chicken BBQ is my most ordered dish in this homegrown restaurant. Perfect blend of salty, sweet and smoky flavor make this dish a standout paired with hot steamed rice. 

This are just my Top 5, Pampanga as Culinary Capital of the Philippines, this list can go on till Top 50! There’s so much to order and eat.  

Drooling now? 🤤🤤🤤 Just head on to the GrabFood App and click the Starts at 99+ tile and choose from delectable dishes from different restaurants in your area. 🌯🥙🥗🥪🍕🍖🍱

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