Movie Snackbar at Marquee Mall Cinemas Now Open

The 1oth branch if Movie Snackbar is now open in Marquee Mall, Angeles City. The snackbar caters moviegoers with fresh and quality snacks which is located just beside the ticketing area making it convenient. Favorite snacks such as popcorn, hotdogs, nachos, fries, sandwiches, juices and sodas are available for everyone to enjoy.



The snacks being served as created by Chef Romualdo “Pepe” Castillo which are original recipes considering the taste preferences of the Filipinos when it comes to snacks.


During the grand launch we had the opportunity to try the snacks such as Tuna Sandwich, Nachos, Sausage and Popcorn while we enjoy watch X Men: Apocalyse in 3D. We had an amazing movie experience that night together with the food and fashion bloggers  and media in Pampanga.

Marquee Mall Angeles City has the first branch of Movie Snacker in Pampanga.

Marquee Mall

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