The Conjuring: Fearing for the Unknown

The Conjuring is the newest “true story” viral horror film that stars Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor. It is a film by James Wan who also directed the Saw , Insidious and the newest director for the upcoming Fast and Furious movies. It is about two real-life paranormal experts, the Warrens (Ed and Lorraine) whom investigate the most disturbing case they encountered; happened in the decrepit house of the Perrons (Carolyn and Roger) to which the couple and their family newly mThe Conjuring_2013_Movie_Reviewoved in.

HORROR. The movie proves that even there’s no gore, too much blood, nudity, severe infestation, you can create a concrete scary film. In addition to that, it’s very suspenseful like it will keep you on the edge. The scares become more and more intense as it went along. It made the audiences feared on the unknown as what will happen next. Jump scares are smart, no fake or sudden twaddle of boo. Cinematography, Music, REAL PROSTHETICS and PROPS added to its wise approach.

ACTING. One of the gems of this movie is the acting, the characters performed clever especially Patrick Wilson and Lili Taylor who’re expert in Horror-Suspense films as well as Vera Farmiga, an Oscar acclaimed actress and kudos to Ron Livingston who also did a good job. The kids here were not annoying; they showed how a child feels when they were creep out.

DIRECTING. James Wan, Hands-down, he’s so smart in regards to this genre. I can say that he’s now a BRAND.

Overall, this film is a great mash-up of the entire horrifying components you’ve seen in movies and probably in the future, in contrary, all of those aspects were handled brilliantly. There’s a great build up of tension and character development in each of the sceneries as it has a good quality of storytelling which starts into slow paced structure up to the sensible horrifying climax. A must-see movie!

RATING: 9.5/10



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