List of Restaurants in Pampanga

Pampanga as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines offers different sumptuous dishes for everyone. Will Explore Philippines explored some of the restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other food establishments in the region. The list of restaurants can be a guide to your culinary adventure. Click the name of the restaurant to view the full review.


  • Cafe Fleur  –Cafe Fleur, I must say is one of the restaurant that Kapampangan should be proud of,because each dish characterized by the reach culture of Pampanga which is truly deserving to be called as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines.
  • Chef’s Laudico’s Feast in SM Clark – Overall, it’s a good dining experience, appreciating simple Filipino cuisine focusing on using fresh ingredients and cooking the way it should be, no shortcuts.
  • SAB Bistro- One of the best restaurants in San Fernando City so far. I already dine in different restaurants in the area and tasted their food.
  • Lot 77 Bar and Cafe -Lot 77 Bar and Cafe is definitely a nice place to hang out with family and friends. They have delectable food that everyone will definitely love. The place is relaxing and picture perfect. I will recommend this place to my friend if they want to chill yet want to indulge their tastebuds with great food.
  • Steak Street and Fusion Sushi -This restaurant is a must visit in Marisol Subdivision in Angeles City. My top pick are Poke Salad, Tempura Salad, Salmon and Tuna Tacos, Teriyaki Burrito and of course their steaks. I will definitely go back to enjoy other dishes. Kudos to the Chef as he keeps on improving and creating new dishes.
  • Apag Marangle -Apag Marangle is a Kapampangan restaurant offering the delectable dishes of the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. Apag Marangle means food being served in the field or farm as the concept is like eating in a farm. I personally recommend this restaurant to my friends whenever they want to taste authentic dishes in my hometown.
  • Cafe Noelle – A restaurant in Pampanga that serves delectable international dishes and sweet treats with a touch of yuletide through the ambiance of the place. Noelle is a french word for Christmas which is evident in the interior of the cafe. The joy of the Christmas season is felt as you enter the restaurant. Who doesn’t love Yuletide season? We all have fun memories of this special time of the year.
  • Toll House – A must try if you will visit Pampanga. The dishes and cakes brings back good childhood memories for their recipes are pass from generation to generation winning the heart of every Kapampangan. No one beats dishes that are made with love especially associated with family. This homegrown restaurant is here to stay.
  • Gustav Cafe – is a perfect restaurant to hang out with family and friends. The food is great, good service and a cozy ambiance will make your dining experience a great one!
  • Giligan’s Restaurant and Bar Marquee Mall – Is a place which is perfect for those who wants a quiet ambiance. The food is just ok, the service is below average.
  • K Cafe– in Angeles City serves delectable dishes which are personal favorites and creation of the owner Chef Caren Kwong. Strategically located in Nepo Quad Angeles City which is very accessible to those who what to enjoy quality food at reasonable price.
  • Angeles Fried Chicken– is a nice place for family, couples and friends who wants to enjoy great food while in a budget. All the dishes are delecable. The service staff are very friendly and the ambiance is very homey and laid back.
  • Abe’s Farm– I had a great dining experience at Abe’s Farm, the food, the ambiance, a little bit art and history. It’s not your usual restaurant, it’s something that you will intend to go if you want to indulge all your senses. 
  • Salt Restaurant at Widus Hotel and Casino-As they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, dining at Salt Restaurant live with it, healthy yet sumptuous breakfast is being served here. It was a great dining experience.
  • Bif’s Smoke and Grill –Is a good place for family and friends to enjoy delectable dishes. The food are picture perfect as they are pleasing also to the palate. A definitely must try restaurant if you happen to be in Angeles City.
  • Cottage Kitchen Cafe-It’s my first time to dine in a Cajun and Creole Restaurant but I must say that most of the dishes are delicious with a distinct flavors. I enjoyed the dinner since I’m very adventurous  when it comes to food, I love the spices that is incorporated in every dish.
  • Camalig Restaurant-We had a great dining experience, it’s a mixture of great food, excellent service and astonishing ambiance.  This restaurant make you appreciate more of being a Kapampangan, the food and the culture . I’m just so proud to be one!
  • Binulo Restaurant-is a perfect place if you want to taste the best of Kapampangan Cuisine. They have a wide array of dishes that everyone can enjoy.

Specialty Food Shops

  • Susie’s Cuisine –  is a must-visit place if your are craving for delicious Kapampangan kakanin. Their more than 40 years of operation only proves that they offer great products to their customers. They mean their tagline “The Best in Pampango Kakanin“!  Manyaman! O

Coffee and Bake Shops

  • Butterworld Bakeshop -New Butterworld Bakeshop live to their vision to bring closer affordable baked goods yet don’t sacrifice the taste and quality. Honestly at first I misjudged this shop, I thought is just another bakeshop in the area that offers affordable bread but the taste is no good, but I’m totally wrong, this bakeshop is different. I will definitely go back to try other products especially the cakes.
  • Caffe Bene SM Clark –  is a nice place to meet your friends and enjoy a cup of coffee and sumptuous sweet treats!  They have friendly staff to make the overall experience a great one!
  • Coffee Arena –  is worth a try if you like to experience different ambiance while sipping a cup of coffee.
  • Sweet Options by RAI – This sweet and coffee shop is really heaven for those who love cakes! Delicious cakes! I personally recommend this shop to all my friends.
  • La Rose Noire-provides export quality products, all of the pastries and bread are scrumptious but I personally love the hand made macaroons and VIP croissants, the best I tasted so far.  Thank you for the opportunity to taste your World Class products. I’m giving a perfect score for La Rose Noire for its products are incomparable and best pastries I tasted so far.
  • Mother’s Cake House– After tasting all those sweet treats, I should say Mother’s Cake House is a must visit if you are going to Angeles City. Their products are perfect for pasalubong and their cakes are worthy to be part of any celebration or occasion as they customized cakes.


*** The ratings are based on my personal experience during the time I dine in the restaurant which is rated based on Ambiance, Taste of the Food, Value for Money, Service and other factors that affects the overall dining experience. Your restaurant is not part of the list? Click here to be listed! BE FEATURED!

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