Kionchan Japanese-Filipino Dessert Shop Marquee Mall Pampanga

Kionchan Japanese-Filipino Dessert Shop is now in the Culinary Capital of the Philippines-Pampanga. The Kapampangan can now taste the famous Japanese crepe maker in one of the premier malls in the city with three kiosks.  Kionchan serves 21 tangy crepes and five fruity puchi parfaits with some items infusing the best flavors of the two countries.

This dessert store combines the best flavors of Japanese and Filipino in one refreshing dessert perfect for the humid weather in the Philippines. Interested flavors that you can try are Kinako(soy bean), Kinako Saba and Macha Ube Puchi Parfait.

I got the chance to taste the Matcha Parfait, what I like about this dessert is that it’s not that too sweet yet creamy. This flavor is good for matcha lovers like me. 🙂  I’m still what to taste the other flavors that best characterized the Japanese and Filipino fusion of flavors.

One interesting trivia about our famous Filipino Halo Halo is that it came from the Japanese shaved ice dessert called “Kakigori”. Intrigued by the taste of the origin of our well loved Halo Halo? You can try this at Kionchan.

Now I’m excited to try all their specialities. 🙂 Watch out for more updates! 🙂


Kionchan Marquee Mall Angeles City

Ground Floor, Marquee Mall

(Beside Dakasi and Starbucks Coffee)


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