PHOTO CAPTION: Preview of the the GOCERY Website which takes your grocery shopping experience online easier and hassle-free  

As the holidays inch closer, Filipinos are looking for more ways to shop and do more online. With the restrictions brought about by COVID-19, Filipino owned company, Gocery Online Supermarket Inc., launches GOCERY, the very first subscription-based online grocery store in the country.    

GOCERY is the newest web-based platform that aims to remove the repetitive and routinely task of grocery shopping. The platform was designed to ease load off of consumers by offering pre-selected and curated packages on the website based on the average number of household members in a given home. Package options include items that are well thought of and carefully curated for use by bachelors, single ladies, family of 2, 4, and so on. If consumers do not find package options that match their needs, they can also easily customize their carts and create their own packages.  

The goal of the platform is to deliver your basic home needs to your doorstep on a regular and monthly basis through a subscription package. These basic home needs are mostly focused on non-perishable items such as bathroom and facial care products, kitchen cleaning agents, home and laundry items, car care and baby care products, as well as non-fresh food items that you need to stock up your pantry. GOCERY encourages smart shopping to help you save money by removing from you expenses for gas, parking, or commute fees while offering most of your favorite household products in a lower than usual in-store retail prices.  

“One of our biggest goals is to help consumers plan their finances better by allowing them to set aside money for grocery essentials that they need on a regular basis. We want to change the behavior of the market where we usually purchase items that are non-essentials before we buy what is needed to keep our homes in order by introducing a subscription based model that will deliver a curated package to meet their needs at home. The same package will be delivered to them regularly so they don’t have to worry about shopping again next week or next month which also gives families more time to focus on things that matter“ says Leigh De Armas, GOCERY’s President and CEO.    

Aside from saving money, the platform will help consumers save time from travel and traffic, lining up at the store, and the burden of commute carrying heavy loads of grocery items. Most importantly, you lessen the risk of exposure to COVID-19 because you don’t have to go out to purchase these grocery essentials.  

GOCERY is directly partnered with global brand manufacturers such as Procter and Gamble, Unilever, SC Johnson, Green Cross, Johnson and Johnson, 3M and many more. Currently, the company, serves cities within Metro Manila and is looking to expand its reach nationwide in 2021. To access the platform, visit www.go-cery.phand follow its social media platforms on facebook.com/GOCERYSTORE and instagram.com/gocerystore.    


To know more about GOCERY, 

Visit their website: https://go-cery.ph/

Visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gocerystore

Visit their Instagram page: http://instagram.com/gocerystore

Call 0966 480 31 86 or 0999 534 907

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