Flavors of the City – Food & Restaurants in Cabanatuan Nueva Ecija

Cabanatuan City is known as the Tricycle Capital of Philippines but did you know that the city can offer also gastronomic experience that will surely excites ones taste buds?  There are many restaurants and food establishments that you can only find in this part of the Philippines.

Edna’s Cakeland

This bakeshop is one of the most visited place for those who are looking for pasalubong or simply craving for some sweet treats.Their specialties are different varieties of cakes and desserts. They do also customize cakes for different occasions. We tasted some of their best sellers!


Yema Cake

The sponge cake is very soft and has the right sweetness, the glaze that covering the cake is delicious, you can taste the yema-like flavor together with the lemon zest flavor making the cake not so “nakakaumay”.

Rating: 8/10



Mango Bar

This pastry is dry, No interesting flavors and textures for this one.

Rating: 5/10



Cheese Roll

The bread is fluffy just like the one in Goldilocks’ ensaymada with some cheese in the center. Nothing so unusual with the taste.

Rating: 7/10


Edna’s Cakeland is located in Kapitan Pepe Subdivision, Cabanatuan City.



Puno’s Ice Cream & Sherbet

Puno’s Ice Cream and Sherbet is a famous ice cream brand in in Cabanatuan City which was established in 1940. Their best sellers are Cheese Cashew Macapuno, Langka Cheese Cashew and Sherbet Buko Lychee. I tasted the Cheese Cashew Macapuno, it’s really nice, the cashews really add to the texture of the ice cream!

Rating: 8/10


Here’s their price list for your reference as of September 2013.



Shing Fong Bakery

Established in 1915, Shing Fong is the oldest bakery in the Cabanatuan City. It’s located in Burgos Street, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija which is near the public market. Their baked goodies are worth a try. They will not be operating for 98 years for nothing!

Shing-Fong-Bakery-Cabanatuan-City-Nueva-Ecija Shing-Fong-Bakery-Cabanatuan-City-Nueva-Ecija-Products

Hapag  Vicentico’s Restaurant

Experience Filipino dishes in a traditional setting. Their Kare Kareng Baka is the best!

Click the link below for my Restaurant Review.

Hapag Vicentico’s, A Must Try Restaurant in Cabanatuan City

Other restaurant in the city are Plaza Leticia, Rustica, Priscila’s and Deluxe Restaurant. I might review them next time.

Cabanatuan City is not just the Tricycle Capital of the Philippines, it can also offer something delicious for those who want different gastronomic experience!







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