Will Fitness Tips: The Best Time to Drink a Whey Protein Shake

If you delve into the science of a muscle development, you will learn the main prerequisite to the growth namely a necessity to damage them at first. This simple rule is known by most of athletes and people going in for fitness. A serious workout session tears the muscle fiber. Do not be afraid because these ruptures are microscopic and beneficial for the growth of muscles. Nevertheless, the muscles require something like a repairing material to fill out the ruptures. This material is represented by the amino acids. You might be curious about the role of protein in this entire scheme. The processing of protein results in the production of the required building blocks – amino acids. Therefore, do not be greedy and opt for a high-quality protein source such as casein, whey or a balanced blend of plant-based proteins. The other combinations of proteins including soy and other types can be found the products like http://healthguidereviews.info/vi-shake-by-visalus-review-does-it-work/.

The other important conditions to be considered are the amount of this muscle-repairing material and the time of consumption. These factors are interrelated because during the various periods of the day you may require a different amount of protein.

Breakfast (around 20g)

Regardless of how you call your morning meal (breakfast or otherwise), it is important to charge your body with protein in this period of a day. Some athletes combine a shake with a rich-in-protein meal such as an omelet or other variations of dishes made with eggs. Nevertheless, a shake is preferable due to its simplicity to cooking and a delicious taste.

Before Muscular Activity (around 30g)

The next period of protein intake comes before you start tearing your muscle fiber in a gym. A common opinion that a half an hour before lifting weights is a perfect time to supply protein to the muscles is errorful. Naturally, it is not forbidden to treat yourself with a protein bar or banana before the muscular activity but an interval to drink a shake before and after the training should be around three hours. Hence, make sure to load up with protein approximately two hours before your muscles start contracting.

After Muscular Activity (around 30g)

In the countless disputes about an optimum perfect time for the use of a supplement, the period after a workout is taking the lead. Indeed, your muscles badly need a source of energy and amino acids after an exhaustive load applied to the muscles. For this reason, a muscle recovery process should be started immediately. Make sure to consume a shake within the first half an hour after you have finished lifting weights.

Before Sleep

The process of restoration of muscles does not stop even when you go to bed. Therefore, when you enjoy a delicious taste of a shake before the bedtime in both the training and rest days, another portion of the essential nutrients is supplied to increase a protein synthesis. In this period, it is advised to use a casein shake since it ensures a favorable slow release of amino acids in the time when you are asleep.

Days Off

In the days when you relax from tearing muscles, a schedule of the shakes consumption does not differ a lot. Although you let your muscles to have a rest, you should still consume three or four shakes per day. The shake drinking intervals are better to keep unchanged similar to the training days. If you follow the above-mentioned schedule, you will ensure the considerable results in the development of your muscles.

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