Fiestang Kuliat 2013 in Angeles City

Pampanga as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines offers different sumptuous dishes to everyone; this is how the Angeles City government started the kick-off of Fiestang Kuliat with this year’s theme “Sulagpo Angeles!” at Marquee Mall last October 1st with local and national media which are treated with different delicacies and dishes from the top Kapampangan restaurants, caterers and cooks.

Mayor Ed Pamintuan is the committee chairman for this year’s festivity.  It’s a month long celebration of the feast of La Naval and Apu Mamacalulu. Its the 183rd Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary de La Naval and the 116th Fiestang Apu in which masses and religious activities will be held in respective churches.

Fiestang Kuliat 2013 Angeles City Pampanga Calendar of Activities

Different activities are lined up for this year’s celebration, some of the highlights are the following: 3rd Pulayan, Tagalan King Dalan will start at Marquee Mall on October 6, 2nd Kuliat Kabataang Kabahasan at City Library on October 7, Serenata at Heritage District on October 12, Cultural Dance Fests at Marquee Mall on October 15 and 17, Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan at Museo ning Angeles on October 20 and Big Bite! Northern Food Festival at Marquee Mall on October 18-20, Mamialung Tamu at Marquee Mall on October 24. The famous Tigtigan Terakan keng Dalan was moved on December 6 & 7 due to the Barangay elections this October.

Celebrate Angeles City’s Fiestang Kuliat 2013 with a Kapampangan Lunch and Dinner Buffet at Museo ning Angeles.

Fiestang Kuliat 2013 Angeles City Pampanga

Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival that will feature the best food products of Pampanga, Bulacan, Ilocos, Baguio, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Zambales, Bataan, Pangasinan, Cagayan and La Union.

Fiestang Kuliat 2013 Angeles City Pampanga Big Bite @ Marquee Mall

Join the celebration! Come here! Visit us! Let’s eat, dance and have fun in Pampanga!

“Keni! Salangi ko pu! Mangan! Tumerak at Magsaya king Pampanga!” 


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