Festivals in Pampanga

Cutud Lenten Rites

Re-enactment of Christ’s passion and suffering observed every Lenten season at Cutud, San Pedro San Fernando Pampanga. The re-enactment shows the sufferings of Jesus Christ, nailed to the cross with the three flagellants nailed on the wooden cross and they are placed on the top of the makeshift calvary.

Giant Lantern Festival

Days before Christmas, giant lanterns made of colored crepe and Japanese paper with frames of intricately tin-wired skeletons containing electrical mechanism and a thousand bulbs, highlights the San Fernando Giant Lantern festival. The lanterns dance, blink and brilliantly twinkle in kaleidoscopic pattern and cadence with the band music. Through the years, different provinces in Pampanga showcase their different designs and craft and compete against each other.

Hot Air Balloon Festival

This is an annual exhibition of hot air balloons, sky diving, micro light demonstrations, small planes fly-bys and fly-ins. This is the country’s largest aviation sport event today. Participants from all-over the world flies to the Philippines to join their local counterparts in this spectacular event.

Pampanga Day

Residents of Pampanga celebrate this day as their Foundation Day showcasing Kapampangan’s culture, traditions, events, activities, and other socio, civic and economic related events.

These are only few of the festivity in the province of Pampanga! Watch out for my future blogs as I will feature different celebrations and also join the fun!

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