A Taste of Cuban Cuisine at El Pedro Cubanos Angeles City

El Pedro Cubanos in Nepo Quad, Angeles City offers Authentic Cuban dishes which are prepared by Chef Pedro, a Cuban who choose to live here in the Philippines and start a restaurant business. Now, recently he opened his 2nd branch in SandBox, Alviera in Porac, Pampanga.

Actually its my first time to try Cuban dishes, I must say that the food is good, focusing on taste but being mindful about the nutrition that we need. The food is freshly prepared which is I really like for reheating reduce the quality and taste of the food.

This authentic Cuban restaurant offers sandwiches, arroz, mariquitas(chips with salsa), tucca fritas(cassava fries with salsa), tamales and empanadas.


Much more of like pizza sandwich less the tomato sauce and add the jalapenos, cilantro and Chef Pedro’s special signature sauce which compliment every dish.


90 Miles 

A meatier and cheesier version of cubadilla. It’s a filling complete meal dish indeed.


Arroz Con Lechon

What I like about this dish is the special tasty red rice.


Arroz Con Ropa Vieja


Mariquitas “Crispy Chips with Salsa”.

A playful dish, taste and texture. The freshly fried crispy chips go well with the special salsa. Crispy, spicy, chunky and cheesy. My top favorite among the dishes they serve.


El Pedro Cubanos in Angeles City is a must try restaurant if you want to enjoy authentic Cuban cuisine. I like the dishes because they are somehow healthy yet tasty. And the quality of food and freshness of the food is the priority of Chef Pedro. Kudos! I will definitely go back to try other dishes! 🙂



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