Chicken All Ways Pampanga: Not Your Regular Roasted Chicken

Roasted Chicken will never be the same with Chicken All Ways. Drawn from the recipes of Asian, European and American countries featuring globally recognized zests, deliciously specialized, highly rich in authentic international flavors–made with varying ingredients well-known and originating from North to South, East to West.
Filipinos are well-known for their extreme fondness of good food—persistently wanting varied stimulants to satisfy their cravings. A vast number of rotisserie products can be found everywhere in the Philippines, from small street kiosks, restaurants, and supermarkets, to city and rural commercial spots that mostly offer typical and easily prepared recipes that are very common to the Filipino’s palate.

Anywhere else in this busy world, demand for to-go and ready-to-eat food is continuously increasing not only for small family gatherings and big events but also on a daily basis due to the increasing number of working individuals, especially parents, that opt to buy food and dine at home for convenience.

Because of these, all the stops have been pulled out to find novel ways to deliver to Filipinos a new and premium taste of chicken.

Drawn from the recipes of Asian, European and American countries, “CHICKEN ALL WAYS” (abbreviated as “CAW” and dubbed by its tagline “Different Tastes. Different Ways.”) is set to be introduced in the Philippine market in December 2017 and it comes in big servings with initial flavor variants of: (1) CAW’s Signature Chicken, (2) Portuguese Piri-Piri Chicken, (3) Philippine Pinaupong Manok, (4) Pollo Barbacoa (Bbq) and (5) Singapore-style Black Pepper Chicken. New flavor/s will be introduced monthly to delight the Filipino’s taste to elevate CAW experiences.

CAW Signature Chicken. The Pride of Chicken All Ways – Premium tasting fried chicken that is juicy in the inside and crisp on the outside.

Philippines Pinaupong Manok. Traditionally cooked chicken with natural flavor and perfect balance of lemongrass and other special spices.

Singapore Style Black Pepper Chicken. Classic chicken perfectly roasted in soy sauce and a trickle of pepper corns to tickle your picky taste-buds.

Portuguese Piri-Piri Chicken. A fiery Portuguese chicken grilled to perfection with secret herbs and spices and a dash of citrus paired with our mild-zesty piri-piri sauce for a mouthwatering pair of goodness.

Pollo Barbacoa (Chicken BBQ). Smoky barbecue chicken with a perfectly sweet-smelling & juicy traditional char-grilled taste.

American Chicken Ham. Chicken All Ways flavor of the month. A sweet, tender and deliciously glazed American-inspired chicken ham.

Watch out for more updates in our blog and social media accounts! 🙂

Chicken All Ways Pampanga Branches:

Balibago, Mt View, Marisol, Pandan, Korean Town, Essel Park, Carmelite, Fiesta-Manibaug

Facebook: Chicken All Ways

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